Direct and Indirect Speech Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

13. Rewrite Any FOUR of the following sentences as directed [4×1=4M]

Study the following examples and observer how the questions are changed into indirect speech.

Verb (Page 176)

Direct speech: Gandhi said, “I respect all religions. “
Indirect speech: Gandhi said that he respected all religions.

Direct speech: He said to me, “Who is your favourite politician? “
Indirect speech: He asked me who my favourite politician was.

Direct speech: An American said, “how hard-working Indians are! “
Indirect speech: An American exclaimed that Indians were hardworking.

Direct speech: A customer said to the managers,” can you do me a favour.”
Indirect speech: A customer requested the manager if he could do him/her a favour.

Pronouns (Page 176)

Direct speech: Abdul Kalam said, “I have come from a poor background. “
Indirect speech: Abdul Kalam said that he came from a poor background.

Direct speech: The teacher said to the student, “Are you confident? “
Indirect speech: The teacher asked the student whether he/she was confident.

Tenses Of Verb (Page 177)

Direct speech: Amulya says, “I am learning music. “
Indirect speech: Amulya says that she is learning music.

Direct speech: The teacher said, “The sun rises in the East. “
Indirect speech: The teacher said that the sun rises in the East.

Reporting Verbs (Page 178)

Direct speech: Dr. Rahul said, “I will try my best to save the patient. “
Indirect speech: Dr. Rahul said that he would try his best to save the patient.

Direct speech: Yasoda said to Krishna, “you are mischievous and trouble me a lot. “
Indirect speech: Yasoda told Krishna that he was mischievous and troubled her a lot.

Direct speech: They said, “The minister has at last unveiled the statue today. It has not been unveiled for so many months for reasons unknown”.
Indirect speech: They said that the minister has at last unveiled the statue that day and added [that ] It had not been unveiled for so many months for reasons unknown.

Direct speech: A north Indian friend of mine said, “Unlike in Delhi, the climate in Hyderabad is moderate. “

Study the following examples and observer how the questions are changed into indirect speech. (Page 179)

Direct speech Indirect speech
He said, “I have many problems. “He said that he had many problems.
The cashier in the Bank said, “I have sent a report. “The cashier in the Bank said that he had sent a report.
A student said, “I have been trying to speak English for two years. “A student said that he had been trying to speak English for two years.
“I forgot my hall ticket.” a candidate said.A candidate said that he had forgotten his hall ticket
“I was watering the plants in the garden,” she said.She said that she had been watering the plants in the garden.
“We will move to Hyderabad next year,” Raju Said.Raju said that they would move to Hyderabad the following year.

Change the following statements into indirect speech. (Page 180)

1] Sunil said to his daughter,” I will take care of you”.
A] Sunil told his daughter that he would take care of her

2] The M.L.A. said to the villagers, “You have every right to question me”.
A] The M.L.A told villagers that they had every right to question him.

3] The Inspector said to the constable, “I am your boss
A] The Inspector told the constable that he was his boss,

4] It is better for you to join M.P.C,” said Bharath’s mother.
A] Bharath’s mother said that it would be better for him to join MPC.

5] The principal said to the lectures, “you should maintain records
A] The principal told the lecturers that they should maintain records,

6] “I have been waiting here for you far on hour,” Vasundara said to Vandana.
A] Vasundhara told Vandana that she had been waiting there for her for an hour.

7] Kranthi said to the inspector,” I met with an accident while taking a turn”.
A] Kranthi informed the Inspector that he had met with an accident while taking a turn.

8] He said, “I have lost my bag.”
A] He said that he had lost his bag.

9] The girl said, “ I can change any given sentence into reported speech”
A]  The girl said that she could change any given sentence into reported speech.

10] “I am your fan,” said the boy to Allu Arjun. 
A] The boy told Allu Arjun that he was his fan.

Study the following examples and observer how the questions are changed into indirect speech. (Page 181)

Direct speech Indirect speech
The quiz master said, “When did the Quit India Movement take place? “The quiz master asked when the Quit India Movement had taken place.
The teacher said to his students, “Who invented computer?”The teacher asked his students who had invented computer.
I said to my son, “Have you ever thought about your future? “I asked my son whether he had ever thought about his future.
The realtor said to me, “Do you want to purchase a flat or a plot? “The realtor asked me whether I wanted to purchase a flat or a plot.
Raju said to his daughter, “Do you want to marry or doctor or a businessman? “Raju daughter whether she wanted to marry or doctor or a businessman

Change the following questions into indirect speech (Page 182)

1] visitor said to me, are there any places worth seeing in Warangal?”
A] A visitor asked me if there were any worth seeing places in Warangal.

2] Mother said to son, “When will you have your breakfast?”
A] The mother asked her son when he would have his breakfast.

3] The shop keeper said to the customer, “Shall I show you the latest model?
A] The shopkeeper asked the customer if he could show him the latest model.

4] I said to the shop assistant,” What is the price of tis dress?”
A] I asked the shop assistant what the price of that dress was.

5] Classmate said to me, “Is your father a businessman?”
A] A classmate asked me if my father was a businessman.

6] Harika said to her friend, “Will you come to my home tomorrow?”
A] Harika asked her friend if she would come to her home the following day

7] The passenger said to the principal,” Who teaches you English, Anita?”
A] The passenger asked the driver if the bus would stop at the crossroads.

8] A girl said to the principal, “Do I need to be a postgraduate to become an I.A.S officer?
A] A girl asked the principal if she needed to be a postgraduate to become an IAS officer.

9] Father said to his daughter, “Who teaches you English, Anita?”
A] The father questioned his daughter, Anita, who taught her English.

10] Teacher said to Kavitha, “what does the word corruption mean?”
A] The teacher asked Kavitha what the word corruption meant.

Change the following questions into indirect speech (Page 182)

Direct speechIndirect speech
The site engineer said to his colleagues, “Don’t deviate from the plan. “The site engineer ordered his colleagues not to deviate from the plan.
A student said to the teacher, “Can you, please, repeat the question, Madam?”A student requested the teacher to repeat the question.
Ahmad said to his son, “Don’t waste time and money.”Ahmad advised his son not to waste time and money.
The invigilator said to the candidates in the examination hall, “Write your hall ticket number on the question paper.”The invigilator instructed the candidates in the examination hall to write their hall ticket number on the question paper
Direct speechIndirect speech
Keerthi said to us, “Let us have some snacks.”Keerthi suggested (invited) to us that we should have some snacks
Dev said to us, “Shall we visit the Thousand-Pillar temple today?”Dev proposed that we should visit the Thousand-Pillar temple today.

Change the following imperatives into indirect speech (Page 183)

1]Hima said, “Get out from here.”
A]Hima ordered him to get out from there.

2]Neha said, “Mom, please give me your mobile. “
A]Neha requested her mom to give her mobile.

3]Hardik said to Annu, “Go and study.”
A]Hardik ordered Annu to go out and study.

4]Nani said to me, “Exercise daily.”
A]Nani suggested me to exercise daily.

5]Father said to Swetha, “Switch off the fan.”
A]Father asked Swetha to switch off the fan.

Direct speechIndirect speech
“Oh! They have lost the match”, he said.He expressed regret that they had lost the match.
“Hurrah! We have won the match”, said the boys.The boys exclaimed with delight that they had won the match.
My brother said to me, “Better luck next time. “My brother wished me better luck next time.

Change the following exclamations into indirect speech (page 183)

1] Nivya said to his sister. “How interesting the serial is!
A] Nivya exclaimed to her sister that the serial was very interesting.

2] My friend said to me, “What a wonderful opportunity
A] My friend exclaimed to me that it was a wonderful opportunity.

3] “Oh! He is dead,” the doctor said
A] The doctor declared sadly that he was dead.

4] “Thank goodness! I’ve passed my exams,” my son said
A] My son happily said that he had passed his exams.

5] “Hurray! I’ve got the first rank in the entrance examination!” my friend said.
A] My friend cheerfully declared that he had got the fir

6] “How awful! She has missed the chance.” Mahesh said
A] Mahesh rather sadly exclaimed that she had missed the chance.

7] A visitor exclaimed that it was very sultry weather.
A] A visitor said, “What a sultry weather!”

8] “What a pity! Many passengers died in the accident,” said an eye witness.
A] An eye witness exclaimed sadly that many passengers had died in the accident.

9] Akshay said to his partner, “Bad luck, never mind.”
A] Akshay told his partner that it was their bad luck and said better not mind that.

10] “Oh! What a beautiful place it is!” he said.
A]He exclaimed that it was a very beautiful place.

Change the following sentences into indirect speech. (page 184)

1] A father said to his son. “Ramu, concentrate on your studies now.”
A] A father advised his son Ramu to concentrate on his studies then.

2] “What a wonderful poem it is!” said the teacher.
A] The teacher exclaimed that it was a very wonderful poem.

3] The principal said to a student, “Vinay, can you spell this word?”
A] The principal asked Vinay if he could spell that word.

4] “Is there any train to Delhi now?” I asked the enquiry clerk.
A] I asked the enquiry clerk if there was any train to Mumbai then.

5] “How much time does a ray of the sun take to reach the earth?” the quiz master asked the team.
A] The quiz master asked the team how much time a ray of the sun took to reach the earth.

6] “Alas! India has lost a famous scientist,” said the Prime Minister on the death of Abdul Kalam.
A] The Prime Minister said on the death of Abdul Kalam that India had lost a famous scientist.

7] “How would you help develop the company?” the interview board member said to the candidate
A] The interview boar member asked the candidate how he would help the company develop

8] “If I get a job, I will arrange a grand party,” said Spandana.
A] Spandana said that if she got a job, she would arrange a grand party

9] The officer said to the cadets, “Stand where you are.”
A] The officer ordered the cadets to stand where they were.

10] “Don’t make friends with bad boys”, said the mother to her son.
A] The mother advised her son not to make friends with bad boy

11] “Hearty welcome to our village,” Radha said her friends
A] Radha extended hearty welcome to her friends to her village.

12] “Hurrah! We have defeated Pakistan in T20 too,” said Kohli.
A] Kohli gladly said that they had defeated Pakistan in T20 too.

13] “Please be seated. My father is sleeping,” said the girl to the visitors.
A] The girl requested the visitors to be seated and informed them that her father was sleeping.

14] Gandhi said that he was a pure vegetarian.
A] I am a pure vegetarian,” Gandhi said.

15] “How exciting it is to see Telangana as a separate state!” said a hundred-year-old man.
A] hundred-year-old man exclaimed that it was very exciting to see Telangana as a separate state.

16] “Remember, Man is mortal,” said the Swamiji.
A] The Swamiji said emphatically that man is mortal.

17] He said, “We need not wait here for the bus”.
A] He said that they needed not wait there for the bus.

18] “While I was going to see Deepthi, it started raining,” Kiran said.
A] Kiran said that while he was going to see Deepthi, it had started raining.

19] The doctor apologetically said that he could not help it.
A] The doctor said, “Sorry, I cannot help it.”

20] “Nothing is our hands,” said the priest.
A] The priest said that nothing was in their hands

Change the following sentences into indirect speech (Page 185)

1] I said to her, “I had already applied for a job”.
A] I told her that I had already applied for a job.

2] You told me that she loved me.
A] You told me that she loved me.

3] We said to him, “Can we use your phone?”
A] We asked him if we could use his phone.

4] Teacher said to her, “Why did you fail the exam?”
A] The teacher asked her why she had failed the exam.

5] She will say to me, “How do you solve the problem?
A] She will ask me how I will solve the problem 

6] I said to them,” I don’t ever waste my time”.
A] I told them that I never wasted my time.
(OR) I told them that I never waste my time.

7] You said to me, “I have not yet met them”.
A] You told me that you had not yet met them.

8] The minister said. “The problem will be surely looked into.” 
A] The minister said that the problem would surely be looked into. 

9] They said to me. “Have you been working here since 2015?”
A] They asked me if I had been working there since 2015.

10] We said to them, “We were watching a movie?”
A] We told them that we had been watching a movie.

11] She said, “I went to the market yesterday”
A] She said that she had gone to the market the previous day.

12] They said to us, “We will be waiting for you?”
A] They told us that they would be waiting for us.

13] John said to her, “I will call a doctor for you?”
A] John told her that he would call a doctor for her.

14] I said to her, “Alas, I am undone!
A] I exclaimed with sorrow to her that I was undone.

15] She said to him, “Please complete the job.” 
A] She requested him politely to complete the job.

16] He shouted at them, “Shut up!”
A] He ordered them loudly to shut up.

17] The officer said to him, “Don’t repeat this mistake in the future.”
A] The officer warned him not to repeat that mistake in the future.

18] The teacher said, “Akbar died in 1605AD”.
A] The teacher said that Akbar had died in 1605 AD.

19] She said to her, “Knowledge is power”.
A] She told her that knowledge is power.

20] A soft voice said, “What a cold day!”
A] A soft voice exclaimed that it was a very cold day.

Change the following sentence into the other Speech (Page 185)

1] A good teacher will say frankly and clearly, “I dont know, I cannot answer that question.”
A] A good teacher will frankly and clearly say that he did not know, and that he could not understand that question.

2] I asked my Biology teacher what I should do to save it.
A] I asked my Biology teacher, “What shall I do to save it?”

3] I asked my grand mother how she got to be so wise.
A] I said to my grand mother, “How did you get to be so wise?”

4] Thimmakka concludes, “Even one sapling each could make a better place for children.”
A] Thimmakka says that even one sapling each could make a better place for our children.

5] Box: Stop! Can you inform me who the individual is that I invariably encounter going downstairs when I’m coming up, and coming upstair when I’m going downwards?
A] Box stops Mrs. Bouncer and asks if she could inform him who the individual was that he invariably encounters going downstairs when he was coming up, and coming upstairs when he was going down.

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