Articles Grammer Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

7] Fill in any eight of the following blanks with a, an, or the [8×1/2=4]

1. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ / ‘an’ ( Read Page 104 )

1] An ant is an industrious creature.
2] we can’t live without a fan nowadays
3] An apple a day keeps the doctor away
4] An ATM is a useful machine
5] An honest man is always respected
6] Amitabh Bacchan is a famous actor
7] Are you a vegetarian?
8] It is an absurd story indeed.
9] I don’t believe him. He is a liar.
10] What a lovely Villa!
11] It is a one-man show!
12] I never witnessed such a long queue for Covaxin.
13] He is a United Nations employee.
14] We have quite a few books on yoga.
15] I saw an accident this morning.

I. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 107)

A Vegetable seller’s wife gave birth to a son. A customer who heard the good news congratulated the vegetable seller and inquired about the state of the health of the newly born child. Then he said, ” sir, it’s very fresh”. 

II. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 107)

In an accident, a person who lost his legs was crying. At that time, a man who came there said,” why do you cry like a child?” and said,” See that man who lost his head and a hand and still not crying.”    

III. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 108)

Q: A Truck Driver is going in the opposite direction in a one-way street. A police officer sees him but doesn’t stop him. why doesn’t the officer stop him?
A: The truck driver is walking

IV. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 108)

1] I bought a pair of new shoes
2] I saw a movie last night
3] It’s raining. let’s take an umbrella
4] Look at the woman over there! she is my mother
5] The night is quiet let’s take a walk
6] A spider has eight legs
7] Peter is an Italian
8] I read an amazing story last Sunday
9] A tiger is in danger of dying out.
10]She has got an imported pen.
11] The blind, the deaf, and the dumb lead a miserable life
12] My sister is married to a farmer
13] We spent a whole week in Hawaii
14] They met the Minister yesterday
15] It was the hottest day ever
16] I put the unopened letters over there
17] Is the clock slow or is it me?
18] Keeravani is a music composer and also a singer
19] I was moved by the kindness that he showed
20] I did not know that the dictionary belongs to you

V. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 108-109)

1] I can’t play the piano
2] You are the first person to arrive here
3] Our swimming costumes were dry but the children’s weren’t
4] They live in an old house
5]Rajesh is an enterprising businessman
6] Our plane was delayed we had to wait at the airport for 3 hours
7] An idea can change your life
8] The more you learn the more you benefit
9] Mukesh Ambani is the Bill Gate of India
10] Is there an AC theatre in your town?
11] Panaji is the capital of Goa state
12] The moon is a symbol of pleasantness
13] I have given a one-rupee coin to the beggar
14] A rabbit runs very fast
15] Is there a bank near here?
16] The talent of a writer can’t be underestimated
17] I interviewed an MP in the evening
18] Did you get married after leaving the university
19] Would you like to be an actor?
20] Yours is an international company, mine is just a small local firm.

VI. Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the (Read Page 109-110)

1] Yes, my first slipped to the second.

2] Do you think literacy is a harbinger of restlessness, fear, and frustration?

3] From his talk, it seems studies were an ancillary subject; and living and experiencing, the major subject. father, is he fibbing? Or is it possible that the world turned topsy-turvy in just about 70 years?

4] You know just like that, boy Vinu, in that award-winning film. he prattles on.  The Hibiscus is red a hundred times, but in his book, he colors it yellow. are we missing out on the essence of life? papa, that’s what happens in my craft and drawing class. my imagination wants to soar like a rocket to Jupiter and Mars. To traverse new worlds, new fields.

5] Thimmakka could not go to school due to poverty and lack of facilities. At an early age, she had to wake up grazing of sheep and cattle and also worked as a coolie.

6] Thimmakka(she) has been recognized by the government of India and recently conferred with the Padma Shri award in 2019, which is the fourth highest civilian award in the republic of India.

7] Failure is as exciting to watch as success, provided the effort is absolutely genuine and complete. But the spectators fail to understand- and how can they know the mental Agony through which an athlete must pass before he can give his maximum effort.

8] If I faltered, there would be no arms to hold me and the world would be a cold, forbidding place, because I had been so close. I leap at the tape like a man taking his last spring to save himself from the chasm that threatens to engulf him.

9] I can’t say I did, Mrs. B. I should feel obliged to you if you could accommodate me with a more protuberant bolster, Mrs. B. The one I’ve got now seems to me to have about a handful and a half of feathers at each end, and nothing whatever in the middle.

10] It is not the case only with the coals, Mrs. Bouncer but I’ve lately observed a gradual and steady increase of evaporation among my candles, wood, sugar, and matches.

11] Why, the gentleman who has got the attic is hardly ever without a pipe in his mouth and there he sits with his feet upon the mantelpiece.
From the experience of his outward man, I should unhesitatingly set him down as a gentleman connected with the printing interest.

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