Prepositions Grammer Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

11] Fill in any eight of the blanks with suitable prepositions. [8×1/2=4]

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the given below. (to,up,for,on,after,to,off,at,of,in)

1] We should not feel superior to others.
2] People usually put on new dresses on festival days.
3] He is Good at English but weak in mathematics.
4] Don’t rely on others for everything.
5] If you give up your efforts, you cannot succeed.
6] I went to the airport to see off my son.
7] The Minister left for Delhi yesterday.
8] We reached the station much ahead of the scheduled time.
9] They have agreed to our proposal.
10] The government should look after the orphans.

II.Fill in any eight of the blanks with suitable prepositions. (Read page.143)

(adjacent to, believe in, out, abide by, agree with, deal with, made of, adapt ourselves to, interested in, fond of)

1] Shloka is fond of music.
2] Are you interested in reading novels?
3] We must adapt ourselves to the circumstances to lead a happy life.
4] Some poems deal with imaginary situations.
5] These chairs are made of plastic.
6] The members must agree with one another to come to an agreement.
7] If you don’t put out the fire immediately, it will spread fast.
8] You must abide by the rules and regulations.
9] SBH is located adjacent to the new shopping mall.
10] We don’t believe in superstitions.

IV.Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions. (Read Page.144)

1] We lived in the USA for two years.
2] The office is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
3] Abraham Lincoln came from a poor family.
4] She has been suffering from a fever.
5] He prefers coffee to tea.
6] He fell off a bicycle.
7] There is a spider on the wall.
8] We come to college by bus.
9] The girl sat between her parents.
10] We congratulated Ajay on winning the award.
11] We cut the fruits with a knife.
12] Children are fond of toys.
13] Gandhiji was born in 1869.
14] All of us are afraid of mad dogs.
15] The patient was shifted to a hospital.

V. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions. (Read Page.144-145)

1] India got independence in 1947.
2] I have been reading this book since 2018.
3] Suresh goes to college on foot.
4] He served in the military for 30 years.
5] Very few people can swim across the river Ganga.
6] The martyr wrote his final Testament in blood.
7] Many great people hail from rural areas of the country.
8] The snake crawled into its pit.
9] That is a cold war between these two countries.
10] There is a beautiful painting on the wall.
11] Yoga is good for health
12] She spoke about her travel experience.
13] Someone left for Australia.
14] Mohan is a student of Delhi University.
15] Are you aware of Corona precautions?
16] They are many Hills, beside the river.
17] Wealth is inferior to learning.
18] We open locks with keys.
19] He jumped into the well.
20] The issue is between you and me.

VI.fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. (Read Page.145)

1] My grandson is fond of chocolates.
2] My friend lives in Delhi.
3] The Apple cost at rupees100/- a kg.
4] agree with you, cent percent.
5] Can you translate this into English to Telugu?
6] There is something extraordinary about Kohli.
7] Sheela is a nurse. she cares for the elderly.
8] Shrikant has gone away he will be away till Monday.
9] The five thieves shared the stolen money among themselves.
10] That the train started exactly at 6 o’clock.
11] It rained for 2 days.
12] Switch on the light, please, it is quite dark here.
13] The trains are seldom on time.
14] We live on the fifth floor.
15] She is familiar with computer hardware.
16] I have not slept properly for 2 days.
17] He trembled with fear when he was caught.
18] Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.
19] Most foreigners dream about visiting India.
20] She insisted on joining us.

VII. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. (Read Page 145-146)

1) I want you to go out from this institution so trained and so developed that you will be constantly looking of the bright, encouraging, and beautiful things in life.

2] When you go into your classroom, I repeat, try to forget and overlook any weak points that you may think you see. remember, and dwell upon the consideration that has been given to the lesson, the Faithfulness with which it was prepared, and the earnestness with which is presented.

3] Everything that comes from their mouths is unpleasant, about this thing and that thing, and they make the whole atmosphere around them unpleasant for themselves and for everybody with whom they come in contact.

4] They live simply on the negative side of life.

5] Yet she is at peace with her pots, pans, her flower and garden, her B Bhagavat Geeta, and scriptures. My mother, highly qualified, is Highly strung, tense, and Nervy. Do you think, literacy is a harbinger of restlessness, fear, and frustration?  is it Adam and Eve eating the tree of knowledge, all over again?

6] My first rank is at stake, you see.

7] I would like you to be aware of my musings.

8] Papa, my grandfather, speaks of a very carefree and beautiful childhood.

9] As she grew up, she was married to Sri Bikkala Chikkayya of Hulikal village with whom she found a purpose to plant trees.

10] Thimmakka and her husband used to carry four pails of water for a distance of 4 km to what are the saplings.

11] Thimmakka continues her fight against afforestation.

12] At one and a half laps I was still worrying about the pace.  A voice shouting’ Relax’ penetrated into me above the noise of the crowd.

13] As we lined up for the start, I glanced at the flag again. it fluttered more gently now, and the scene from shaw’s Saint John flashed through my mind, how she, at her desperate moment, waited for the wind to change.

14] From the appearance of his outward man, I should unhesitatingly set him down as a gentleman connected with the printing interest.

15] He’s gone at last! Really I was all in a tremble for fear Mr. Box would come in before Mr. Cox went out.

16] So it seems! Far be it from me, Bouncer, to hurry your movements, but I think it right to acquaint you with my immediate intention of diverting myself of my garments and going to bed.

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