Informal Letter Writing Interactive English Second Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

17. (a) Write a Formal Letter OR (b) Write an Informal Letter [ 1×4=4]


1. Read the letter written by Rahul Reddy to his friend describing the camp against child labour arranged in his school by an NGO called Sishuksema. ( Page No 175 )

A Letter To Friend


21st May, 2022

Dear Aravind

I hope you are doing well. I strongly believe you are doing well in your studies as it is in my case. I have a special reason to write this letter.

It is all about a camp called Sishukshema organized by an NGO, in our school, last week. Child labour was spotlighted. It was illustrated in a lively way. They discussed cases of children who were not allowed to go to school and made to work in factories, hotels, and agricultural fields. We did really feel pity for them.

We are fortunate that we don’t have to face such situations. But the organization pointed out the need for our help and care for those who are not fortunate. So, we have decided to help them by providing them with books and fees. A special committee was formed in our school to raise funds for this, and I am the secretary of it.

I do hope that the students of your school also could definitely contribute to such a noble cause. Please share this with your friends and try to collect funds.

Convey my regards to my uncle and aunt.

Yours lovingly
Rahul Reddy

H.No. 5-10-125/A

2. Read this letter in which a student is expressing gratitude to the teacher who helped her in preparing for the board examination. ( Page 176 )

A Letter To Teacher


12th May, 2022

Dear Ms Kalyani

I would like to wholeheartedly express my gratitude for the help extended by you during my board examination preparation. I was struggling to make out the grammar part of the paper. But your support and efforts made it a cakewalk. Thanks a lot, Miss, for your assistance and affection. You spent your valuable time with me to get me out of this trouble. I owe you a lot for that. You have been a great support in my life.

Now, I am confident that I can pass any competitive examination. I am sure, that if you stand with me, I can be successful in my career. I’ll always be obliged to you for your generosity.

Thanks a lot
Yours affectionately


H.No. 1-5-692
Ramnagar, Ambedkar Circle
Hanumakonda – 506001

3. Read the condolence letter written by Anurag to his friend Vinay on his friend’s death. ( Page 177 )

A Letter To Anurag

Gandhi street

21st Feb, 2022

Dear Vinay

I was so sorry to hear about your friend, Raghu Ram’s death. I know how close you both were. You were more than friends. He was one of your family. Please accept my deep sympathies on this irreplaceable loss.

Raghu Ram was very active and courageous. He took part in most of our community activities. He inspired me a lot. Many can take him as an inspiration. But he neglected his health, it seems. He should have been a bit careful regarding his health. I know, his death is a great loss in your life. Don’t hesitate to call me. I’m always here to help you.

May God bless you and Raghu Ram’s family with the strength to sail through this tough time. I hope to meet you this week. Please take care of your health and accept my sincere condolences.

With deep sympathies,

Yours truly

#306, Anurag Enclave
Sripuram Township

4. This is a letter written by a son to his father asking him to send Rs.15000. ( page no 178 )

A Letter To Father

Prerana College
Ram Nagar, Karimnagar

10th Sep, 2022

Dear Father

Hope you are doing well. I am sure that all our family members are fine. I am studying well in all subjects. I’m proud to have lovely parents like you and mom.

Now, it’s difficult to express the purpose of this letter, but it’s a must. You know, it’s time to pay the college term fee of Rs.15000. It would be helpful to me if you could send the money immediately. The principal has instructed me to pay the amount by 21st September without fail.

Hope Lakshman is studying well. Convey my regards to mom and granny

Yours affectionately
Ram Prasad

Krishna Prasad
Khileshapuram Village
Raghunathapalli Mandal
Jangoan District

5. Read a thanking letter written by Vijay to his uncle for the birthday gift. ( page No 179 )

Flat No: 35
Green Wood
Kukatpally, Hyderabad

24th April, 2022

Dear uncle

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift that I received from you today. You know my tastes well. That’s why you gifted me a beautiful marble statue of Lord Buddha. I was rather disappointed to know that you are not attending my birthday party. But the statue of Buddha brought back a smile to my face. You are such a wonderful man. You are so careful and thoughtful in selecting an appropriate gift! Your gift symbolised your intention of preparing me mentally and physically to face the challenges of life.

I promise you that I’ll follow your guidance and put all my efforts to make you proud of me. Convey my regards to aunt and Kittu.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Yours affectionately

Gopal Rao
#5-65, New City Road
Bhadradri Kothagudem District


1. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the new college you joined recently ( Page No 180 )

A Letter To Friend

K . Rahul

17 September 2022

Dear Sahil

I am very happy to write to you about the college I join here. It is “Mother Teresa Junior College” true to its name, it is really service oriented. A sprawling campus with lush green trees greets students every day. Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, labs, libraries and study rooms offer us cool comfort. The principal is an inspiring personality with smiling looks and an affectionate approach. All the lecturers are friendly to us. They explain every topic clearly and in simple terms. focus is on self-learning and self-assessing techniques, games, cultural events, quizzes, debates etc. Learning here is a fun-filled activity. Creativity is encouraged .slow learners are taken care of personally. 
I am blessed to have joined this college. I would also suggest my juniors also join this college.

Convey my regards to aunt and uncle. Good wishes to pinky. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Yours lovingly 


Srinivas colony

2. We all have witnessed covid -19 deaths recently . you have witnessed  the death of your neighbour due to covid -19 . write a letter to your friend describing the incident  and how you felt about it. ( Page No 180 ) 

A Letter To Friend in USA

K. Rahul
R-3 Banjara Hills


Dear Akash

How are you? It has been a long time since we communicated with each other. I think it is mainly because of the pandemic. With a heavy heart, I do write to you about the tragic death of our neighbour our uncle Dr Irfan khan with whom we used to play cricket and hang around. The end has been very painful. Covid-19  infection was detected rather late. The best efforts of expert doctors failed to save him.

Uncle was so friendly, so helpful that there was not a single soul in the colony that did not bid a tearful farewell to that noble soul. uncle’s son and daughter came forward to take care of the aunt.

Yet the pain resulting from that sudden and sad demise needs quite a long time to subside. Yet none can alter our fate except by accepting it gracefully.

Any plans to visit India?

Regards to all there 

Yours lovingly

M.Akash487 E Middlefield
Mountain view 
California, US 94043    

3. Imagine you have any feed information from the ministry of education that you have secured the 5th place in innovation challenges competition write a letter to your friend describing your success. ( Page No 180 )

A Letter To Friend

K. Rahul
R-3 Banjara Hills


Dear Akash

I am just thrilled to tell you that I have secured the fifth position in the national-level innovation challenge competition.

The Ministry of Human Resources conducted this competition in the last month with a view to encouraging young minds to take up creative research. As you know well, I have a keen bent of mind for innovation. I crave fresh and new ideas, the moment I saw the notification. For this competition in February, I decided to participate in it. systematic and scientific smart work with the active support from our Physics lecturer saw to it that I achieved this distinction.

This honour encourages me to take up creative research as my full-time career I see immense potential in the field. 

what’s up there to write it

Yours lovingly

487 E Middlefield
Mountain view 
California US 94043    

4. Write a thanksgiving letter to the lecture that guided you through the innovation challenge competition. ( Page 180 )

A Letter To Lecture

K. Rahul
R-3 Banjara Hills


Dear Sir/Mam

How are you? I am very happy to inform you that I have secured the 5th position at the National level in the Innovation Challenge Competition. but I am even happier to say that it is because of your active support that I achieved this success. The Way You monitored my work and the way you offered directions where necessary decided my destiny. I would openly confess that without guidance, I wouldn’t have attained this position. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my height, for this valuable assistance, I hope to do better in my future endeavours with your help and blessing.

Yours Obediently

M. Krishna

5. Write a letter to your younger sister explaining the importance of reading books ( Page 180)

A Letter To Sister

407 E, Middle field
Mountain view
California 94043.USA

18 August, 2022

Dear sister 

How are you hope you have adjusted to the hostel life and doing well there in your studies.

Through your letter to Mummy, I understand that you have been burning the midnight oil. Mummy adds that you are not really happy with your marks. She affirms that your work and the outcomes are out of proportion. It is here I feel like putting a word or two. what I understand is your toil is missing the right direction. Hard work is always important but smart work really matters. I advise you to read books beyond your syllabus. You may think you don’t find time for other books. If you have the will you will find a way. A good book first relieves you from the worry you suffer. It shows you the way to perform better. Once you taste the fruit of reading, you cannot stop yourself from reading life-changing books. This will surely change your attitude positively.

Bye for now, please take care of yourself and remember you have a brother in every situation

Yours loving brother

Tolichowki, Hyderabad 50009  

6. Write a letter to your friend in Chennai, narrating the Silver Jubilee celebrations of your college. ( Page No 180 )

A Letter To A Friend

K . Rahul
Tolichowki, Hyderabad

17 September 2022

Dear Ravi 

Sorry for the delay in replying to your letter. For the past twenty days we have been very busy with the arrangements for our College Silver Jubilee celebrations. At last, the programme ended on grand note the day before yesterday. Elaborate arrangements began a month earlier. As the Secretary of our college students union, I had to be responsible for quite a number of activities like cultural and sports competitions. Everything went off well. The concluding cultural extravaganza was the highlight. Group dances, solo folk performances, and patriotic songs touched everyone’s heart. The chief guest’s inspiring speech drew loud applause from one and all. Each student remembers the event for life. By the way, how are you doing in your studies? Let’s meet this weekend.

Yours lovingly 
K. Rahul 

M. Ravi 
Srinivas colony, Warangal 

7. Write a letter to the Frontline Warriors of your local Hospital expressing gratitude for the services during the pandemic ( Page No 180 )

A Letter To Frontline Warriors

K. Rahul
R-3 Banjara Hills


Dear Doctor 

It is highly admirable that you and your team have been relentlessly working to save people from Covid-19-related complications. While the world dreads to just hear the word COVID, you have been reaching out to the infected persons and rendering Medical Services, knowing well the risks the work involves.

It is here that you and your team deserve heartfelt gratitude. It is worth mentioning that the village stands out in the entire state with a zero fatality rate in covid-19 cases credit goes to you all.

May God bless you all with more and more energetic enthusiasm.

Thanking you
Yours gratefully 


Dr.Mohan Reddy 
People’s clinic, Siddipet

8. You are the president of a voluntary organisation. you are going to conduct a blood donation camp on behalf of the Red Cross. write a letter to your uncle requesting him to assist you.

A Letter To Uncle

K. Rahul
R-3 Banjara Hills


Dear Uncle

Our ‘friends club’ is organising a massive blood donation camp on the 20th of this month. The collection arrangements are being taken care of by the Red Cross Society. we, the volunteers, have given wide publicity to the camp and the response to our call to donate blood is really encouraging. Our modest estimate shows not less than 200 people are going to donate blood on that day. 

I have drawn inspiration from you in social services. You have always been great support and encouragement to me.

Now, I request your active guidance and support for this massive blood donation camp. as that day happens to be a Sunday, please do come. help us and encourage us. 

Mom and dad also want to see you, for it has been a long since you visited us.
Looking forward to seeing you

Yours lovingly 

Dr.Mohan Reddy 
People’s clinic, Siddipet

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