Tenses Grammer Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

12. Fill in any four of the following blanks with a suitable form of the verbs given in the brackets [4×1=4]


1. Fill in The blanks with the Present Simple or Present Continuous Form Of the Verbs Given in the brackets. ( Page no 151 )

1] Custard apple is (be) a tasty and healthy fruit.
2] The moon appears (appear) at night
3] It is raining (rain) now. We can’t go out at present.
4] A ray of the sun does not (not, pass) through a wall.
5] Hyderabad is (be) the Capital of Telangana state.
6] All banks are open (open) on the first and the third Saturday of the month.
7] People speak (speak) Telugu all over AP and Telangana.
8] My English teacher usually speaks (speak) English in the class room, but surprisingly she is speaking (speak) Telugu now.
9.] Do North Indians eat (eat) chapatis daily?
10] Is he doing (do) any job at present?
11] Usually I close (close) all doors before going to bed.
12] Do you believe (believe) in ghosts?
13] My father is watching (watch) a serial at the moment.
14] Water freezes (freeze) during winter in some areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Fill in The blanks with the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continous Form Of the Verbs Given in the brackets. ( Page no 158 )

1] Aarthi has been acting (act) in films since her marriage with Raghu, a film director.
2] She has appeared (appear) in about twenty films so far.
3] I have just received (receive) a call
4] She has not paid (not, pay) the exam fee yet.
5] How long have you been watching (watch) this TV programme?

1. Fill in The blanks with the Simple Past, Past Continous, Past Perfect Continous Form of the Verbs Given in the brackets. ( Page no 159 )

1] The tsunami broke (break) while the sailors were rowing (row) the boats.
2] How did you spend (spend) your childhood?
3] I was browsing (browse) the internet when he came to our house.
4] The audience has occupied (occupy) their seats before the cinema began.
5] The farmers had been sowing (sow) seeds for two hours when the sun set.
6] There was a stampede when the pilgrims suddenly rushed (rush) into the temple.
7] I wish I had (have) a car.
8] When were (be) you born?
9] How long had your brother been staying (stay) in the US when you went there for MS?
10] Gandhi passed away (Pass away) in 1948.

1. Fill in The blanks with the Simple Future, the Future Continous, the future perfect, Future Perfect Continous Form of the verbs Given in the brackets. ( Page no 165 )

1] Telangana will become (become) a developed state in two years.
2] The umpire will resolve [resolve] the controversy within a few minutes.
3] At this point of time tomorrow the children will be watching (watch) a cartoon film.
4] Will you solve (solve) all these problems by next week?
5] If we follow A.P.J. Kalam’s advice, India will soon become (become) a superpower.
6] He will be doing (do) job for two years by next year.

2. Fill in The blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs Given in the brackets. (Page No 165 to 166)

1] Surya Namaskar consists (consist) of twelve postures.
2] Gandhi was influenced (influence) by the writings of Tolstoy.
3] Bandla Sirisha is (be) the first Telugu woman (third Indian origin woman) to go into the space on July 11, 2021.
4] Rohit Sharma had been batting (bat) for two hours when rain interrupted the match.
5] The meeting will start (start) by 10.00 a.m. tomorrow.
6] Usually my father takes (take) rice for lunch. But now he is taking (take) chapatis.
7] People speak (speak) Telugu in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
8] Mary eats (eat) her supper by 7.00 p.m.
9]] Don’t disturb! The child is sleeping (sleep]
10] If I were(be) a bird, I would fly high in the sky to have a beautiful view of the earth.
11) It is time we started (start) working hard
12] If I were you, I would have contructed (construct) an independent house
13] Don’t get off the train till it stops (stop)
14] Listen! somebody is screaming (scream)
15] A parrot repeats (repeat) are voice as soon as it listens to it.
16] Vinay lost (lose) the job last year because of his misbehaviour.
17] Dhirubhai Ambani did not live (not live) in a costly house even when he was a famous Industrialist.
18] Does he play (play) tennis daily?
19] While I was teaching (teach) grammar, a student raised a doubt.
20]A philanthropist thinks (think) about the welfare of others.
21] My nephew has been doing (do) business in Hyderabad for the last ten years.
22] The moon waxes (wax) and wanes (wane) during the cycle of a month.
23] I do not know (know, not) the right answer right now.
24] We had (have) hot coffee one hour ago
25] The birds have just flown (fly) away.

3. Rewrite the following sentence correcting the underline parts ({age No 166 )

1. He is doing homework since 8 o’clock.
A] He has been doing homework since 8 o’clock.

2. If they are going out, we will follow them.
A] If they go out, we will follow them.

3. If you will depend on others for everything, you will not learn anything.
A] If you depend on others for everything, you will not learn anything.

4. If you have your mother, she would have felt happy.
A] If you had helped your mother, she would have felt happy.

5. He is trying for a job since last year.
A] He has been trying for a job since last year.

6. Mukesh Ambani has constructed the world’s costliest house four years ago.
Mukesh Ambani constructed the world’s costliest house four years ago.

7. He has returned from Dubai a month ago.
A] He returned from Dubai a month ago.

8. He is not having any cash.
A] He does not have any cash.

9. I am knowing them for the last three years.
A] I know them for the last three years.

10. Is he remembering our help?
A] Does he remember our help?

11. He has borrowed a thousand rupees from me yesterday.
A] He borrowed a thousand rupees from me yesterday.

12. Don’t disturb him. He reads.
A] Don’t disturb him. He is reading.

13. Did you leave for Hyderabad last year.
A] Did you left for Hyderabad last year.

14. Sangeetha joined tomorrow.
A] Sangeetha will join us tomorrow.

15. Are you smelling anything bad?
A] Can you smell anything bad?

3. Fill in The blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs Given in the brackets. (Page No 166)

  1. There are quite a number of divisions into which life can be divided. (be + divide)
  2. You will sometimes find (sometimes, find ) two persons who get up (get up) morning, perhaps a morning that is overcast with shadows.
  3. A good teacher will say frankly and clearly, “I don’t know (not know). I can’t answer ( not answer ) that question.”
  4. I had heared (hear) those tales so many times that I did not want (not want ) to get into the atmosphere of the people who told them.
  5. In nine cases out of ten, the person who cultivates the habit of looking on the dark side of life is (be) the little person, the miserable person, the one who is (be) weak in mind, heart and purpose.
  6. No teacher knows (know) everything about every subject.
  7. They are the people who never go (go) forward.
  8. You will not accomplish (not, accomplish) the task we expect of you if you go with a moody, discouraged, fault-finding disposition.
  9. This is (be) in answer to your letter about my transgression.
  10. The operating word ‘think’ made (make) me muse.
  11. Father, we’ve never really been close, and I can’t rightly say you have been (be) my friend, philosopher, guide etc.
  12. Do you apply (apply) Pythagoras’ Theorem or Newton’s law of Gravity?
  13. My grandfather speaks (speak) of a carefree and beautiful childhood.
  14. 4. Father, is he fibbing (fib)?
  15. She is (be) at peace with her pots, pans and Bhagavad Geeta.
  16. Is it Adam and Eve eating (eat) the Tree of knowledge, all over again?
  17. Last week my rose plant died (die).
  18. I asked (ask) my Biology teacher what I should do (do) to save it.
  19. If I were (be) to meet Newton face to face, I would fail (fail) to recognise him, so busy am learning about him!
  20. If he says (say) George Bush is the president of India, it will have (have) to be so
  21. Every year, the count of these trees kept (keep) increasing.
  22. Thimmakka (She) not only planted (plant) those trees but also fenced(fence), watered (water) and guarded (guard) them.
  23. Although Thimmakka did not receive (not receive )a formal education, her work has been honoured (honour) with the National Citizen’s Award of India.
  24. Saalumarada Thimmakka is (be) an individual who has brought (bring) worldwide recognition to the state of Karnataka through her incredible and massive environmental services
  25. If I faltered (falter), there would be (be) no arms to hold me and the world would be (be) a cold, forbidding place, because I had been (be) so close.
  26. Blood surged (surge) from my muscles and seemed (seem) to fell me.
  27. I knew (know) it would be some time before I caught (catch) up with myself.
  28. I felt that the moment of a lifetime had come (come).
  29. The air I breathed filled (fill) me with the spirit of the track where I had run my first race.
  30. I felt suddenly and gloriously free of the burden of athletic ambition that I had been carrying (carry) for years.
  31. At present I am(be) entirely of your opinion because I have (have) not the most distant particle of an idea what you mean (mean).
  32. The gentleman who has got (get) the attic is (be) hardly ever without a pipe in his mouth and there he sits (sit) with his feet upon the mantelpiece.
  33. I was (be) so dreadfully puzzled to know what to say when Mr. Cox spoke (speak) about it.
  34. Why don’t (not) you keep (keep) your own side of the staircase, sir?
  35. She thought (think) to cook her breakfast while I was (be) asleep with my coals.

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