Communicative Function For First Year Intermediate English

Communicative Functions in English which can be practised under the supervision of the teacher during the academic year. As such, the examiner provides each of the students four different situations related to using communicative functions in English as test items for the oral responses from the students as answers.


  • a) Write any 4 (four) of your choice out of 13 – And
  • b) Any 1 (one) from 14 & 15 of Extras
  • c) All together the students needs to write 5 (five) – (Four from the text & one from outside the textbook)

1. Greetings and Introductions

Please read the following situations and respond to each of them.

1. Imagine you have joined a course at an institute. How do you greet others on the first day?
A. Hello! everybody I am Vivaan. I have joined recently in this institute for computers basic course. I am very much pleased to meet you all today.

2. You are ranked the make the opening the mark of a birthday party. how do you do that?
A. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Riyaan, very delighted to join you for this evening on this birthday occasion to wish our beloved…(Brother/Sisters/friend) let’s enjoy the party.
A. Friends, a warm welcome to all on our dearest buddy Ravi’s birthday

3. As a student representative, How do great the guest who arrive on Fresher’s Day?
A. A very good morning to respected chief guest, principal, lecturers and my dear friends.  I would like to take privilege to introduce myself I am Krishna of M.Pc 1 year on the behalf of students  I heartily welcome all our guest and everybody for this Fresher’s Day.

4. Consider you have enjoyed a dinner party. How do you make a leave – taking remarks at the end?
A. Hi, everybody, I am Rohan, hope we have enjoyed the party. All the arrangements were fabulous. Thank you for the invitation.

5. Someone greeted you saying “how do you do?” how would you you respond?
A. How do you do?


1. How do you introduce yourself/during a students’ meeting at/on the dais on Freshers’ Day?
A. Hi everyone, I am Arjun of Sr Bi.Pc and the General Secretary of our college. I am very much pleased to welcome you all on the Fresher’s Day.

2. Imagine you are the organiser of a cultural fest. How do/will you introduce yourself to the guests invited?
A. Honorable guests, I am Sneha, the General secretary of our college. And I heartily welcome you all for the Cultural Fest.

3. Consider/Imagine yourself facing an interview for a job. How do/ would you introduce yourself to the Interview Board?
A. Good morning, sir. My name is Rohit and i have completed MBA from Osmania University and I am here for a job interview for the Program Manager role.

4. You are invited to a party where the invitees want to meet you for expertise in your area. Introduce yourself to the party members/ mates expressing your details and interests.
A. Hello everyone, I feel privileged to introduce myself I am Arnav Singh Raizada an Entrepreneur.

5. Suppose you are asked to introduce yourself at a student seminar. How do/will you do that?
A. Good Morning everyone, I am Aditiya Sharma of BBA 2 year and I am here to present my seminar on “Politics and Students“.


1. You have two friends named Arun and Varun. Introduce them to each other
A: Rahul: Hello, This is Varun, one of my schoolmates. Who was the topper of our class as well as a good footballer.

Varun: “Hi Arun, nice to meet you. I’ve heard you’re into chess. I’m more of a football guy myself.”

Arun: “Hey Varun, pleasure’s all mine. I do love chess. It’s interesting to meet someone with a different passion.”

2. Write a dialogue on, how you introduced your parents to your close friend.
A: Hi Zain, meet my father, a Businessman, my mother a Doctor.

3. Imagine you are the captain of the college cricket team how do you introduce your teammates to the guest at tourney?
A. I am Rahul Sharma, the captain of this Cricket Team. He is Vivek the opening batsmen, Aakash-wicket keeper, Pranay-bowler, Vinod- the fielder, Sagar-the fastest bowler ,Suraj- the all rounder, Ravi-the right arm bowler ,  Ram-the left arm batsman and Vijay the vice captain of this Cricket team.

4. Introduce the newly admitted classmate to the entire class.
A.  Good morning, I would like to introduce Rahul to the class. He is newly admitted in our class. He is from Kolkata. He did is schooling from St. Andrews Grammar School. He is a national player in football and also a good cricket player. Thank you one and all.

5. Make a self-introduction while speaking on Teachers Day in your college.
A. Good morning everyone, I am Raj. I am pursuing Intermediate first year from this college. At the outset, let me wish a “Happy Teachers Day”.


1. Suppose you are in a new city and are not feeling well. how will you ask for information to find the right Hospital?
A. Excuse me Sir, I am new to this city and I am feeling feverish, so could you please suggest me a good hospital, nearby.

2. You are in the library searching for a book. How will you ask the librarian to locate the book for you?
A. Good Evening sir, can I ask for a favour.  will you please guide me to find Contemporary English grammar book?

3. Imagine you are about to buy a new laptop. How will you ask the seller for basic details of the gadget?
A. Hi sir, good evening, I am pursing my B. Tech II Year and I need to buy a laptop. It’s configuration should have i7 model with 64 GB RAM along with inbuild autoCAD facility. Is that okay for my purpose?

4.  Consider yourself a patient suffering from tooth ache. How will you share your problem with the doctor?
A. Good evening sir, I have been suffering from tooth ache for two days and the pain is really awful and unable to swallow any cool or hot things. Could you please prescribed some medicines.

5. Your friend is preparing for competitive examinations and want to take coaching from an institute. How do you enquire about the details of joining coaching classes?
A. (Enquiring with a Coaching Centre…)
Hello am I speaking to T.S Coaching Centre Director?
If so, will you please help me in knowing the joining process?


1. You are in a grocery shop with prices are high. How do you express your opinion in English?
A. I feel it cost me an arm and leg to buy things in this shop.

2. “English is everyone’s cup of coffee” goes a feeler. how do you put forward your opinion in this regard.
A. In my opinion, everyone tries to speak English without basics and it has become everyone’s cup of coffee.

3. “Language is the dress of thought! ” How do you agree with the statement?
A. In my opinion, command over language enables one to convey any idea in a convincing manner (beauty of expression).

4. Incompetency is a worse disadvantage than illiteracy these days. Express your opinion in English.
A. I firmly believe Incompetency might lead to isolation from friends, family, and society, especially when social interactions are increasingly digital.

5. Your friend said, “I am not impressed with your English.” How do you respond to this opinion from your friend?/ Are friends closer to you than your relatives? Elaborate.
A. I personally feel that a true friend is like a mirror that gives a real image. I value my friend’s opinion and I look forward to improving my English Speaking skills.


1. You are thinking of joining a new library. How do you express this intention?
A. I intend to join a new library next month.

2. One of your friends is planning to start a new business. How do you express this situation?
A. Hopefully, my friend is going to start a new business soon

3. Someone is struggling to maintain heavy baggage. How do you offer yourself to help him?
A. If you don’t mind. I’d like to help you in carrying your baggage.

4. You are thinking of working from home. How do you express this idea with your Boss in the office?
A. It’s always been my intention to work from home.

5. Your classmates are arranging a party on the weekend. How do you share this idea with your parents ?
A. I am going to attend a weekend party being arranged by my friends.


1. How do you Express one of your creative hobbies?
A. I often solve Sudoku puzzles and I enjoy doing it.

2. Express one of your hobbies to photography?
A. At times, I take the snap of birds in the evening.

3. Make a statement showing your hobby related to book reading?
A. In summer vacation or while travelling I love to read fiction.

4. If you have a past time activity, how do you express it?
A. When I get time, I play chess or solve puzzles.

5. What is your prime time, hobby?
A. My prime time hobby is listening to music.


1. Imagine you are at a party with a lot of delicious dishes. Talk about one eatable that you like most.
A. I am crazy about Biryani’s because its a delicious dish that always makes me nostalgic and satisfying.

2. How would you respond if asked to help someone with his English?
A. I suggest the person to use few self assessment tools to measure his proficiency and identity strength.

3. Make a statement about what you feel is difficult in learning English.
A. What I feel difficult in learning English is spelling rules.

4. What would your comment about the most loved game of cricket be? Do you think it kills other sports, such as football in India?
A. I think Cricket and Football can coexist and complement each other, as they offer different kinds of entertainment and challenges to the player and their spectators.

5. How do you express your feeling regarding pet animals?
A. Pet animals should be taken good care of as they require basic needs like food, shelter, grooming and veterinary care.


1. What I like/dislike most about my neighbours.
A. What I dislike most about my neighbours is they always woke up till midnight and disturb my sleep.

2. The seasons I love/hate.
A. The season I love the most is winter as I wrap myself in cozy blanket and sip a hot cup of chocolate.

3. Touring distant lands-likes and dislikes.
A. I love touring distant lands because we explore the world, learn new traditions and recharge ourselves,

4. Television-why I like/dislike it.
A. I dislike TV because it kills our time, looses our imagination power and we get addicted.

5. “Poetry is the criticism of life!” How would you react to this statement?
A. I firmly believe that poetry deals with life and reflects life.

6. Imagine you don’t like eating junk food. How would you rationalise it?
A. My least favourite is junk food as it spoils our digestive system, health and indirectly also causes obesity.


1. Your friend is suffering from tooth ache. make a suggestion.
A. Chew a clove or comprese a ice pack to the check to decrease swelling, if the tooth persists for more than two days, then its is better you consult a dentist.

2. Your cousin is interested in reading books. Suggest a good book for him.
A. You can browse different categories and genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, romance and more. Some of the most most acclaimed and influential novels of all time are “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”, “Habits of Highly Effective”.

3. Imagine your neighbour is planning to sell/decorate/ furnish his house. offer your suggestions to him.
A. Selling an house could be a time consuming process, you can hire a professional agent or use any online portals to advertise your house.

4. Your friend is lagging in his communication skills. What would you suggest him?
A. I suggest you to watch BBC news channel or talk shows to improve your communication skills

5. One of your classmates want to join the Indian Army as the combatant or a non-combatant what suggestions do you have for him/her?
A. Now that you are good at computers, I suggest you to join the Indian Army as a non-combatant.


A] Please read the following situations, and respond to them in 2 to 3 sentences

1. It would help if you had a camera. How would you request it from your friend?
A. Would you mind giving me your camera

2. How would you ask your friend to share their Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile?
A. Would you like to share your hotspot or Wi-Fi?

3. Imagine you are a book lover. How do you borrow one of your favourite books from your close friend?
A. Would you mind lending me your book for a week?

4. Your friend is returning from the USA. How do you request him to bring an electronic gadget for you?
A. It will be great to see you with an iPhone for me

5. How would you request your neighbour to lend his car to you?
A. Would you mind lending me your car for a function?

B] Study the following situations and give agreement, statement and make polite refusals to the requests.

1. Your friend requested you to drop him at the metro station. How would you agree to this request?
A. Sure, why not! it’s my pleasure.

2. Sunil requested Anil to accept his invitation to a dinner party. Help Anil right to Sunil except the request.
A. Great idea! let’s meet today at dinner party.

3. How would you request are ticketing agent to give you information about different prices and flight timings to the USA on a particular day?
A. It would be a great help if you could provide a few details about best economical airlines to the USA

4. You want to join an English -speaking course. How do you request the director of the coaching institute for the details?
A. I would like to join an English- speaking course. Hence, could you please provide me the course details.

5. It would be best if you met the Head of an institution to discuss particular student needs in the college. How would you request and appointment?
A. Could you please fix an appointment with the principal to discuss the student needs.

6. Your friend asked for your laptop to use it for a day. How would you politely refuse his request?
A. Unfortunately, I have an assignment to be finished today. Next time definitely.

7. Your friend invited you to his marriage, which you can’t attend. How would you say ‘no’ to him politely?
A. Wow, congratulations! I could have enjoyed the marriage but on the same day my brother is going abroad.

8. Your neighbour asks for a power supply from your house meant for a ceremony in his house. How would you politely turn down his request.
A. Oh! My goodness, I could say yes ,but I can’t help you in this matter

9. one of your relatives requested you lend them your car for a few days. But it would help if you had it for yourself. How would you refuse his request politely.
A. By all means I could help you but, all my family members use the same car one after the other.

10. A bank authority offers your credit card. How would you decline the offer politely?
A. So nice of you, sir! But I have already a credit card and a new one is not required.


1. You are made to sit in the waiting room to appear for an interview. But you must go out for a few minutes to answer an urgent phone call. How do you ask for permission politely?
A. Excuse me sir, may I go out to attend a phone call.

2. You are in a bank. You forgot your passbook at home. How do you ask permission to use one of the forms for withdrawing money on Manager’s table to sign papers?
A. I forgot my passbook at home sir. Can I use the withdrawal form on your table?

3. Imagine you are a little child. You want to eat more cookies. How do you persuade your mother to let you eat as many cookies as you wish? Or imagine you want to go on a picnic. How would you request your mother for permission?
A. Mom, is it all alright, if I eat more cookies as they are very delicious.

4. You are the student representative of your college. How do you ask the principal for permission to use the gym after college hours?
A. Excuse me sir, would it be alright, if we use the Gym after the college hours?

5. You have joined a college. You need to submit your Transfer Certificate immediately. How do you ask for permission from the Head of the institution to present it later ?
A. Would you please allow me to submit my TC later?


1. How do you apologies to your friend for not keeping your promise of helping him learn computers?
A. I am extremely sorry for not keeping my promise. My mother was suddenly ill, and I had to take care of her.

2. Say sorry to your friend for not turning up at his birthday party.
A. Vijay, I can’t tell you how sorry I am for not attending your birthday party. I had to attend an urgent meeting with my boss.

3. You are late to the office. Your Boss is upset. How do you apologies to him.
A. Sir, My frequent ill-health prevents me from coming in time. I regret it. Please accept my apologies.

4. Your first rank slipped to the second. Your parents are upset. How do you mollify them by saying sorry?
A. Dear Papa and mom, excuse me for not retaining my first rank this time. I promise that I won’t let you down next time.

5. Imagine you forgot you identify card /hall ticket at home while attending examination. How do you tender apologies to the invigilator.
A. Sir, I forgot my Hall ticket and am sorry for that. My Dad is on the way in fifteen minutes to this centre with my Hall ticket.


1. How do you politely disagree to your friend opinion?
A. Instead of saying “you’re wrong”, say “I see things differently”. This makes the conversation less confrontational and more about sharing different perspective. Avoid using negative language or attacking your friend personally.

2. You’re teacher is teaching in the class. How do you behave?
A. Pay attention to what your teacher is saying and try to understand the material. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification.

3. Imagine one of your classmates has come late to class. How do you suggest him/her to be punctual.
A. Suggest them to set reminders on their phones for essential task such as waking up, leaving home, reaching the class on time and encourage them to their action and be accountable for their punctuality.

4. How one need to behave while the other student is presenting?
A. Give your full attention to the presentor by maintain eye contact and nodding head.  One should avoid any negative comments or behaviour that could distract the presentor.

5. What should students do if they don’t understand teachers instructions ?
A. Raise your hand up until your teacher acknowledges you or simply say excuse me and be specific and clear about what you don’t understand.


1. You are sneezing and sick. How do you take care of yourself?
A. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneezes. Stay hydrated, wash your hands frequently with soap and water to prevent the spread of germs to others.

2. How do you maintain the hygiene of your classroom?
A. One should never spit in the classroom, ensure that crumble papers and  wrappers are thrown in  the dustbin , clean your desk with a paper or tissue after eating.

3. How do you spread awareness about hygiene in your classroom?
A. One should wear neat and clean ironed clothes and should take take bath regularly. Trim their nails and should have a proper haircut. And, should never litter the classroom.

4. Imagine you are the class representative, how do you ensure that students are disposing of waste properly during recess.
A. Recognise and reward students who consistently dispose of their waste responsibly, this will encourage others to follow their example and develop good habits.

5. Your friend is about to vomit and is unable to reach the washroom. how do you help him/her?
A. Provide him/her with a plastic bag or a handkerchief to avoid making a mess.

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