Prose Father, Dear Father Raj Kinger Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers


2. Father, Dear Father (Raj Kinger)

Meaning For References

1. transgressionDoing wrong violation of a code
2. PythagorasGreek philosopher and mathematician
3. Pythagoras TheoremSquare of hypotenuse of right-angled triangle is equal
to sum of square on the two sides
4. museReflect, think over
5. ancillarySecondary, additional
6. fibbingTelling a trival life
7. Tospy-TurvyUpside down
8. highly strungNervous and easily upset
9. nervyNervous, rude
10. harbingerSomething that foretells the coming of something
11. crossannoyed, angry
12. Hypotenuseterm used in geometry
13. prattlesrepeats meaninglessly
14. traversetravel across
15. adamantunyielding, inflexible
16. atstakeat risk to be lost
17. anguishedexpressing great mental pain

Annotation For References

a) Yes, my rank slipped to second.
b) But in your Departmental store, do you apply Pythagoras’s Theorem of Newton’s Gravity?
c) And she was cross, she said go ask the guy who keeps gardening things.
d)This was only to lighten my overburdened heart.

1. Answer the following in about 100 words [2x 4 = 8 Marks]

a. What does the boy think of his grandparents in his letter?
b. Write a paragraph on the present-day education system as
described in Rahul’s letter?
c. What is the attitude of teaches towards learners as illustrated in
Father Deer Father?
d. What is the significance of the postscript to the text in Father
Deer Father?

The lesson “Father, Dear Father” written by Raj kinger

Raj kinger writes for the press, Father, Dear father is an article published in the English daily the Hindu.

Father, Dear Father is an effective thought-provoking on the commentary on the education system prevailing now. It highlights the
defects in the mindsets of parents, learners, teachers, and government bodies. The short write-up is in the form of a letter to a father.

Rahul is a class topper in his school, his first rank slips to the second. He write a letter to his father raising several questions about our education system he believes that education should give a feel of life. The son explains to his father that whatever he learns in school has no practical application. The word comma ‘think’ makes him reflect on several issues including many pitfalls in our education systems. As his rose plant almost died, he asked his biology teacher what he should do, to save it and she was cross. The teacher did not think Rahul’s question relevancy in her class, so she asked him to approach the gardener for advice. Rahul says ” We learn about pesticides, but we do not know to use them”. Rahul’s fears is that if he were to meet Newton face to face, he would fail to recognize him, as he is so busy in learning about him.

Rahul finds his grandfather’s outlook appealing and agreeable. According to his grandfather education is through his experience of life. His grandfather has a carefree and beautiful childhood. Days are spent plucking the mangoes and guavas from their orchards. Rahul’s grandmother is semi-literate, she is not very much educated as his own mother, yet his grandmother was a happy one further Rahul says that the essence of life is not taught to him for Rahul, practical education matters more than theoretical. Classroom knowledge should come in handy in our day-to-day life.

Thus, this letter is his anguished plea to his father who scolds him for losing his first rank, Rahul expresses his emotions through a letter.


The lesson Father, Dear Father written by Raj kinger

Raj Kinger writes for the press. “Father, Dear Father” is an article published in the English daily, The Hindu.

Rahul is a schoolboy. he is the class topper. his first rank slips to the second. He write a letter to his father raising several questions about our education system he believes that education should give a feel of life
to the learners and enable them to live a complete life rather they are letting life pass by. He says that his grandfather had a carefree and beautiful childhood. he enjoyed in the mango and guava gardens and playing
marbles on the river bank. Rahul’s grandmother is semi literate yet she was a happy compared to his educated mother.

Thus, this letter is a request to a Father, who lost his first rank.

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