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English Study Material for First Year Intermediate, on Prose ”The Green Champion” byThimmakka, via Interactive English Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad.


2. The Green Champion by Thimmakka (Adopted from the internet)

Meaning For References

saalumaradaA row of trees (in Kannada language)
Conceiveto become pregnant
saplingsyoung trees
stretchan area or extent of land
respitea short period of relief from something difficult or unpleasant
invariablywithout fail
onseta beginning
conferredawarded a degree, title etc
incredibledifficult to believe, extraordinary
massiveexceptionally large
patrolledwent round an area to check that it was safe and there was no trouble
faceta particular aspects
capturedcaught animals and kept them in confined spaces
foster sonadopted son
tendinglooking after/ caring for

Annotation For References

a. At the age of 40, she wanted to end her life as she could not conceive.

b. Though the trees grown by her worth several crores of rupees today, her life has no respite from poverty

c. One might think that growing trees is not a big deal but one would know the reality of it only when they do it on their own.

d. Her intentions are evidently good as she has planted trees rich in biodiversity

1. Answer the following in about 100 words each [2x 4 = 8 Marks]

a. All great things have humble, small beginnings. Justify the statement based on the life and work of Thimmakka.

b. Why did Thimmakka and her husband decide to plant trees? Describe how hard they tried to succeed in their mission.

c. Who is taking the noble mission of Thimmakka forward and how?

d. Why was Thimmakka called Salalumarda?

The lesson “The Green Champion Thimmakka”. It is a biographical piece taken from the Internet.

The Green champion-Thimmakka, Thimmakka a women more than 100 years in age from Karnataka, has been praised globally as the green champion for her tree planting mission.

Thimmakka was born poor. She was not educated, she worked as a coolie.
Her married life was not happy because she could not become a mother even after twenty-five years of their married life. She was dishearted and thought to end her life, but she realized soon the true purpose of her life, so she changed her decision.

Her husband was very cooperative. The couple Thimmakka and Chikkayya, started planting trees in their village in a stretch of 4kms. They planted 10 banyan saplings in the first year and increased the number year after year. Both of them used to carry four buckets of water for a distance of 4 Kms to water the saplings. Now, there are around 400 banyan trees in the area. They not only planted them but tended them to maturity, apart from banyan trees, she planted over 8000 other trees in over 80 years.

She had become the international icon for the conservation of the environment. She won many awards and brought international recognization for the Indians, but she has remained poor and living on her Rs 500 pension. The U.S environment organization changed its name as “Thimmakka’s Resources For Environmental Education” in honor of Thimmakka. She had good intentions and responsibilities toward the well-being of the environment as well as society.

Thimmakka’s foster son, Shri Umesh B.N Umesh has been planting and tending trees along the roads, schools, public places, and on the mountains and hilltops. He is also running successfully “PRITHVI BACHAVO” movement. He has his own nursery and distributes plants to the famous who are interested in growing plants. Thimmakka received many awards, including the Padma Shri.

Plant and protect the trees. They will protect you and your environment. Thimmakka says, Even one sapling each, could make the world a better place for our children”

Thus, Thimmakka started her life and work in humble manners, got name through her tree planting mission.


The lesson The Green Champion Thimmakka. It is a biographical piece taken from the Internet.

Thimmakka was born poor. she wasn’t educated. she walked as a coolie. Her married life wasn’t happy because she couldn’t become a mother till she was forty. Her husband was very cooperative the couple started planting trees in that village in a stretch of 4 km. They not only planted them but tender them to maturity. Thimmakka foster son, Sri Umesh. B.N. Umesh has been plating and tending to trees along the roads, in schools, public places, and on the mountain and hilltops. He is also successfully running the PRITHBI BACHAO Movement.

Thus Thimakka started her life and work in a humble manner. got name through a tree-planting mission.

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