Question Tags Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

10. Rewrite any Four of the following sentence as directed [4×2=8M]


1. Add an appropriate question tag to each of the following (Page No 166)

1] Sandeep has attended all the classes, hasn’t he?
2] We are lucky to be born in India, aren’t we?
3] English is an interesting language, is it?
4] He was very busy yesterday, wasn’t he?
5] I am very happy now, aren’t I?
6] I can face challenges, can’t I?
7] Ravi always thinks positively, doesn’t he?
8] He does not criticize others, does he?
9] Some people always depend on others, don’t they?
10] Discipline must be maintained at any cost, mustn’t it?
11] Let us keep to the pavement, shall we?
12] Don’t blame others for everything, do you? (or will you?)
13] One can do wonders with knowledge, can’t one?
14] Nothing is permanent except change, is it?
15] Students are our best judges, aren’t they?

2. Add an appropriate question tag to each of the following (Page No 167)

1] You don’t like me, do you?
2] It is not raining, is it?
3] You have done your homework, haven’t you?
4] I am not late, am I?
5] I am invited to your party, aren’t I?
6] You like fast food, don’t you?
7] You will come to my party, won’t you?
8] You remembered to feed the cat, didn’t you?
9] Let’s play tennis, shall we?
10] There’s a problem here, isn’t there?
11] He never says a word, does he?
12] Nobody Came to your party, did anyone? / did they?
13] Don’t forget, will you?
14] You think you’re clever, don’t you?
15] You are clever, dont you?
16] We don’t have to go to the party, do we?
17] It is stopped raining, isn’t it?
18] Have a seat, won’t you ? / haven’t you?
19] Help yourself to some cake, won’t you? / haven’t you? / will you?
20] Children, be quiet, won’t you ? / will you?

3. Add an appropriate question tag to each of the following (Page No 167)

1] I am unable to answer your question, am I ?
2 Rahul’s first rank is at stake, isn’t it?
3] The noise in my ears was that of the fateful Oxford crowd, wasn’t it?
4] The stop-watches held the answer didn’t they?
5] It belongs to both of you, doesn’t it?

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