Writing Descriptions Interactive English Second Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

Table of Topics

16. Describe about [Random Topic Depends on Examiner] using hints given below. [4×1=4m]

1. Describing A Person

1. Now read the following model description about a principal of a Junior College by a student. (Read pg-224)

The person I always remember most is the principal of my college. He is not very tall but is well-built in his physique. He has grey hair and wears spectacles but only while reading. While speaks to us, at the assembly, he has the habit of pushing his spectacles to the top of his head. He rarely smiles and always looks stern. However, he is really very kind and always treats the students in a friendly manner. When a student is in trouble, he always tries to help him. All the students and teachers respect our principal.

2. Read another model description of a person taken from the Short Story, An Interview. (Read pg-225)

This disheartening introspection was interrupted by the waiting room door opening. An old man stood on the threshold, looking at me silently. He wore a heavy black jacket buttoned high in the chest, narrow trousers, and a two-inch collar. In his hand, he held a pair of gold-rimmed pince-nez, which were attached to his right lapel by a thick black silk ribbon. He was so thin, so old, so pale, and so slow he could have taken his place in the nearby post-mortem room without attracting attention. He clipped his glasses onto his nose with a slow, shaky movement and inspected me more carefully. I leaped to my feet and faced him.


1. Describe your mother using the hints given below.  (Read page 225)

tall and thin – black hair – important person in life – wake up at 5 am prepares us for college – takes care of father, grandparents too – works without complaining-emotionally strong – want to be like her – symbol of love and sacrifice 

Of all the persons on this earth. I love my mother the most. She is my first and best teacher. With her tall and slim appearance, she took impressive at once. Her thick dark hair is an added attraction. She is a strong woman both physically, and emotionally and a very important person in my life. I cannot imagine my life without my mother. She wakes up at 5 a.m. in the morning and works hard till late in the evening with a never fading smile. She gets ready for us everything we need and takes care of our father’s and grandparents’ needs. She is always without looks any complaints. She is the Symbol of love, sacrifice, and contentment. I love to be like my mother and if I can, I will be the blessed one.                                             

2. Describe your best friend Deepthi using the hints given below. (Rd pg-225)

 fair and tall- 165 cms-aged 25-slim-thick hair-large, expressive eyes – wears western clothes – sari on special occasions – practices yoga- a good athlete – hardworking – honest – helpful – my best friend

Deepthi – the name rings music in my ears! She is my most beloved friend. She fits perfectly into the definition of a true friend as offered by Khalil Gibran. She is very fair and tall. Her height is 165 cms and she is 25 years old. As she is tall, she seems slim with thick hair. Her eyes are large and expressive. She prefers Western Clothes regularly. Yet she puts on traditional Indian costumes on special occasions. Every day, she practices Yoga in the morning. She is a good athlete. She is hard-working, honest, and helpful. I am very proud to say that she is my best friend and I am always grateful to her.                   


1. The following is a model description of the temple town of Yadagirigutta. (Rd pg-226)

Yadagirigutta is a small town in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District of Telangana State. It is 60 KMs from Hyderabad city. The famous Hindu Temple, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is situated on a hillock in the town. It is a unique pleasant hillock that enjoys a moderate climate in all seasons. The place is visited by an average of five thousand to eight thousand pilgrims every day. After the formation of Telangana State, the Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao has been personally supervising the development of the temple to make it one of the famous tourist attractions not only in India but also all over the world.


1. Describe the famous tourist place, Ooty using the hints given below. (Rd pg-226)

 town-hill station-Tamilnadu-265 KMs from Bangalore – located in the Nilgiri’s-7500 ft above sea level-cool and a pleasant summer destination – lakhs of tourists – coffee plantations – top boarding schools – Queen of the Hill Stations

Ooty or Udhagamandalam is tightly and deservedly regarded as the Queen of Hill Stations. It is a famous tourist place with a lot of hill stations in Tamilnadu. It is located in the Nilgiri’s hell Stations which is 265 km from Bangalore. It is also located 7500 ft above sea level, Ooty is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India during Summer, Lakhs of tourists visit the place in summer. Nature’s beauty, pleasant climate, hill slopes, waterfalls, lakes, churches, temples, Botanical and Rose Gardens, and hill railways are some of the prominent sights that mesmerize visitors. The area is pleasant for coffee plantations. There are so many top boarding schools located in Ooty. One can travel up the Ghat road or rail track itself is an experience to cherish for lifetime.

2. Describe your own village or town based on your knowledge and understanding in not more than 100 words. (Read page-227)

My Village is away from the bustle of modern urban societies with greener covered hill ridges on two sides and a stream on another side, our village is endowed with rich natural beauty. Climate around the year is pleasant. Villagers grow a variety of crops twice a year. All homes have at least one milching animal each. A river meanders across the entire village. The river provides water for irrigation and other farming activities. Apart from irrigation, the river water is used for washing and cleaning purposes. The women fetch drinking water from the local well. Not many vehicles travel through our village. Hence, there is little or no pollution at all. The Village does not have a massive population as a result, it is clean and tidy. The main occupation practiced over here is farming, cattle rearing, and fishing. A school and a hospital to meet villagers’ educational and health needs. Developmental works are being carried out in the village for modernization.  Our village is a model one.


1. The following is the model description of our National Flag. (Rd pg-227)

The National Flag of India is a horizontal tricolor of deep saffron at the top, white in the middle, and dark green at the bottom in equal proportion. The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is two is to three (2:3). In the center of the white band is a navy-blue color wheel with twenty-four spokes, known as the Ashoka Chakra. This is taken from the famous Ashoka Sthupa (Pillar) of Saranath. Each spoke symbolizes one principle of life and also the twenty-four hours in the day, which is why it is called the wheel of time.


1. Describe about the Charminar using the hints given below. ( Rd pg-227)

monument – location – 1591 AD – four minarets-height – materials used – commemorate the end of deadly plague – prime tourist attraction

The Charminar-Hyderabad is the Best Place in India. It is built of granite and lime mortar and it measures 66 feet (20 meters), each side faces one of the cardinal directions and has a pointed arch that is 36 feet (11 Metres).

It is the capital city of Telangana. It is famous for I.T. There is a great monument in Hyderabad called the Charminar. The Charminar is the heritage symbol of Hyderabad. The Charminar is situated on the east bank of the Musi River and to the west lies the Laad Bazaar, and to the southwest lies the richly ornamented granite Makkah Masjid. It has four minarets composed together to form a huge monument. It has become the icon of tourism in Hyderabad.

Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub shah, the ruler of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty constructed it in 1591 with white cement on commemorate the end of a deadly plague. A huge local market can be seen surrounding Charminar. This market is known for its bangles. Laad Bazaar is known for its bangles, Jewelry, and Pearls. Sarojini Naidu, the Nightingale of India, was born and brought up in the same city.

2. Describe about the Statue of Equality using the hints given below. (Rd pg-227)

the statue-location- imposing size-posture – materials used – wide eyes overflowing with mercy – huge ears eager to listen – broad shoulders ready to take up responsibilities – folded hands – appealing for Equality for service to society – Supreme Being

The Statue of Equality, also referred to as the Ramanuja Statue is a statue of the 11th Century located at the Rangareddy district on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It is the second-tallest sitting statue in the world. Bhagavad Ramanujacharya put his heart and soul to practice and propagate equality among all.

The statue is not just a monument, it is a symbol and a movement. The imposing statue in sitting posture has wide eyes that overflow the mercy, huge ears stands for eagerness to listen and learn, broad shoulders that express readiness to take up responsibilities, and folded hands that appeal for equality. The Statue Committee held a four-day international seminar on Ramanujacharya’s philosophy.

Harvard University Professor Francis Xavier Clooney said that, he follows the Bible but was impressed with the philosophy of equality Propounded by Ramanujacharya.

The Committee is also working on a Museum of Equality, where idols of Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Dr. B.R Ambedkar, and, other leaders who had propounded the theories of equality or led movements for the same will be showcased. There will also be a Library that will have information about human equality.

3. Describing about the Telangana Martyrs Memorial using the hints given below. (Read Page 227)

monument-location -designer-materials used-height-completion date – dedicated to – symbol for

Telangana Martyrs Memorial is also called as Gun Park is a monument built for 369 Students who died during the 1969 agitation for a separate Telangana State, Telangana Martyrs Memorial day is observed on 2nd June every year in all the districts of Telangana state.

It is situated opposite to the Public Gardens, Hyderabad. It is created in the shape of a diya with light which symbolizes hope. It is built next to Lumbini Park near Husain Sagar, the memorial, The Six-storied steel Diya also houses a museum, libraries, and a convention hall.

A water fountain on top will add beauty to this sculpture. A white lily flower tops the memorial and pays rich tributes to those martyrs. It was designed by a professor of architecture Aekka Yadagiri Rao, President of the Hyderabad Art Society, Ramana’s focus is on making the space look contemporary, provide a quiet environment to reflect while paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for the formation of the State.

4. Describing a process

1. Preparing Potato fry. (Red page-227)

Read how potato fry can be made and can be tried at home!

Recipe for potato fry

Preparation time: 5 min, Cooking Time: 20 min, Serves: 2


  • Potatoes -2, large, washed, peeled and cut into cubes (or diced)
  • Oil-2 tbsps.
  • Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
  • Chili powder-1 tsp
  • Salt to taste


1. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan.

2. Add the diced potatoes and cook on medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes, tossing the cubed potatoes frequently.

3. Reduce the flame, add turmeric powder and mix. Place lid and cook on low flame for 10 minutes.

4. Remove lid, add salt. Allow the potatoes to reach a nice brown shade. It may take another 5-6 minutes.

5. Add chilli powder and mix well. The potato fry is ready.

2. Applying for a passport (Read page 229)

A passport is an official document issued by the government, certifying the identity and citizenship of the person and entitling him to travel to foreign countries and return. The process of getting a passport was quite difficult till a few years ago but it has become considerably easy now.

Applying for a passport is difficult offline but is easy online. The applicant should go to the Passport Seva Website first. He/ She should fill the User Registration Form carefully and click on ‘Register’. The applicant will then reach the Applicant Home Page. He should click on the link Apply for a Fresh Passport.

The form contains details of name, place, and date of birth, gender, marital status, educational qualifications, identification marks, Aadhaar Card Number and so on.

An ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is generated when the form is submitted. Next, the applicant must book an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra depending on the availability of dates. A fee of Rs1500 is charged for booking an appointment.

On the appointed day the applicant must go to the Passport office with all original documents, self-attested Photostat (Xerox) documents, and the passport form with a photo pasted on it. The original documents are checked. A photograph is taken and biometric information is taken.

The person will be interviewed briefly. An acknowledgment slip is given. Within a day or two, police verification takes place at the address given. In a few days, the applicant receives the passport by post.


1. Describe how Sandhya drew Rs.500 from an ATM. (Red page- 229)

ATMs can be found at every street corner and you are no longer restricted to the bank’s working hours to get access to cash. In case of an emergency, you can simply walk into an ATM and withdraw the money you need in a safe and secure way. All you need is your ATM card and your security PIN. If you don’t have any idea, how to withdraw money from an ATM, here is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you to withdraw Rs.500.

Sandhya first inserted the ATM card in the slot of the ATM Machine and selected the preferred language from the options given on the display screen.

Then she entered the 4-digit PIN number confidentially and then selected the type of transaction she wishes to make followed by the type of account from the given options. Then, she selected the withdraw option by pressing the button.

After that, she selected the type of account as “Savings”, then entered the amount of Rs.500/- using the keyboard of the machine. When she completed all the instructions, the machine dispensed the amount and the card. She collected the amount of Rs.500 from the ATM.

2. Describe how you and your friends made arrangements for the College Day Function. (Read Page 229)

(Hints: date, chief guest, programme, speeches, cultural items, invitations, stage arrangements, catering)

The moment our Principal announced proposals for college day, we intermediate Second-year students met in the Student’s Counsel room with our Lecturers. We noted down the program sheet. We selected speakers to represent. After that invitation cards, stage arrangements, food needs,..etc occupied our attention. Committees were formed for each activity. We distributed all the invitations two days before the college day function. We decorated the stage beautifully.

On college day, our Principal hoisted the national flag in the morning. The main function was organized in the evening. At first, our Principal made a brief report of our college activities. Then the chief guest gave an inspiring message to the students.

It was very inspiring and memorable. The prizes were distributed to the winners in various competitions. The Cultural program was very enjoyable. It was a great day. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and it was a memorable day for all of us.

3. Describe how your elder brother got a Driving license. (Red page-229)

(Hints: Learner’s License – Road signs -, general rules – application – documents to be attached – Practice – Test driving after 30 days – Getting permanent license)

A driving license is an official document issued by the Government of India. A driving License authorizes its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, and buses, etc. on a public road without any supervision.

The motor vehicle act of 1988, states that no individual without a driving license is authorized to drive a motor vehicle in a public place. Hence, if you wish to drive a motor vehicle like a Car or Bike on road, you just need a valid Driving License in India, if you are practicing a vehicle, you must need a Learner’s License. Which will act as a provisional license and then must take a test to qualify for getting a driving license.

First, my brother started learning how to drive in a driving school. He also improved his knowledge of the symbols and signs on roadsides and driving. Then he filled out the prescribed form and submitted it to the Local RTA (Road Transport Authority) or MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspector) office along with the payment details of the necessary fee. Then, he took a vision (eyesight) test and a written test. He cleared both of them and got a Learner’s License. Then, he went on practicing driving on road. After a month, he took a test in driving. He got through it too. After that, he was issued a Driving License.

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