Dialogue Writing Interactive English Second Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

20. Questions on Dialogue Writing [1×4=4M]


1. Dialogue between two friends who met at a shop. (Rd pg-211)

Padmini : Hi Tripura!
Tripura: Hi Paddu! How are you? Long time, no see.
Padmini : Well, rather busy with exams. And what’s the news at your end?
Tripura: Nothing much. The same boring routine.
Padmini : Ok, then. I’ll get going. Bye.
Tripura: See you soon. Bye.

2. Dialogue between a manager and a clerk. (Rd pg-212)

Accountant: Good Morning, sir.
Manager: Good morning. I see that you late to work again.
Accountant: Sir, I am sorry but I had some urgent work at home.
Manager: I’m getting tired of your excuses.
Accountant: Sir, please excuse me. I will be on time tomorrow.
Manager: This is the last warning. You can go to your desk now.
Accountant: Thank you, sir.

3. Dialogue between two newcomers to the college. (Rd pg-213)

Suresh: Hello, I think you are a new comer to this college.
Praveen: Yes, you are right. I am Praveen.
Suresh: Oh, I am Suresh. I am also a new comer.
Praveen: Nice to meet you. How are you?
Suresh: I am fine and you?
Praveen: I’m fine; may I know why you have chosen this college?
Suresh: This College is supposed to be the best college in our town.
Praveen: You are right, Suresh. The academic system of this college is quite up to date, I hope. Can we go the class now?
Suresh: Sure, Let’s go there.
Praveen: Here we are.

4. Dialogue between a teacher and a student (Rd pg-214)

StudentSir, good morning
TeacherGood morning, why were you absent yesterday?
StudentSir, my brother was suffering from a fever. I went to see him.
TeacherHow is he now? What did doctor say?
StudentHe has to take rest.
TeacherWhen your brother comes back, I want to talk to him.
StudentSure, Thank you Sir

5. Dialogue between father and son. (Rd pg-214)

Father: You have appeared for the Class XII exams. What are your plans for the future?
Son: I haven’t decided so far, dad.
Father: Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself. You should have decided your life goal in life.
Son: I would like to join UG course in any one of the reputed colleges in India.
Father: What’s your life time goal?
Son: I want to become an actor.
Father: Are you sure you want to take it as your profession?
Son: Yes, dad.
Father: Ok, be serious and decide a suitable career for yourself.

6. Dialogue between a bookseller and customer (Rd pg-214)

Bookseller : Good morning. How can I help you?
Customer: Good morning, I want to buy a few books.
Bookseller: There are different kinds of books here. What kind of books do you want?
Customer: I want William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and R.K. Narayan’s The Guide.
Bookseller: We have R.K. Narayan’s The Guide. Sorry to say that Shakespeare books are out of stock, sir.
Customer: When do you get the books?
Bookseller: Sir, next Monday.
Customer: Ok, thank you.
Bookseller: Do you want any other books?
Customer: No, thanks. How much do I have to pay for this?
Bookseller:  150 rupees, sir. We have given to 10% discount.
Customer: Thanks. Here is your payment.
Bookseller: Thanks for coming.

7. Dialogue between a passenger and a booking clerk (Rd pg-215)

Clerk: Good morning! How can I help you?
Passenger: I want to reserve four berths to Chennai on KCG Express.
Clerk: Have you filled the reservation form?
Passenger: Sir, here it is!
Clerk: Since it is festival season, there is no seat available o 14th and 15th January.
Passenger: Oh, is that so! Is there any seat available on Chennai Express?
Clerk: Yes. There are four seats available.
Passenger: Thank you sir. Please get me those four tickets.
Clerk: Welcome.

8. Complete the following dialogue between a girl and her mother. (Rd pg-215)

Mother: I want to teach you how to cook ladies finger curry today.
Daughter: No, mom. I have some work today. I am planning to go out.
Mother: (a) You said the same last week also.
Daughter: Yes, mom. I was busy last week.
Mother: (b) But , when will you learn cooking atleast few items?
Daughter: Is it compulsory to learn cooking?
Mother: (c) Absolutely. We need food and we cannot always depends on others
Daughter: Ok, mom. I go out and come back within an hour. Then I would learn.
Mother: (d) That’s nice! That’s the spirit!
Daughter: Thank you mom.


1. Write a dialogue between two friends on the choice of career.

Rahul: Hello Raj, How are you?
Raj  : I’m fine, thank you. And how about you?
Rahul: I’m also fine, Raj we are in intermediate class. So we must choose our career now.
Raj  : You are quite right, success in life depends on the right choice of career.
Rahul: We must choose our career properly. May I know your choice of career?
Raj  : Yes, of course, I have decided to become a doctor and serve our country.
Rahul: That’s very good.
Raj  :  Actually, I am from village and I have seen poor people not getting enough treatment and they are dying without medicine and proper treatment. I want to serve people like them.
Rahul: I hope you will become a doctor and serve the people.
Raj  : Yeah, thanks for your words. So do have any aim or career choice?
Rahul: Yeah. I want to become a banker. As you know I am studying commerce and accounting is my favourite subject.
Raj  : This is a very good and popular profession right now. Good bankers and financial experts are important to keep growing of the economy of a country.
Rahul: Yes, that’s true.
Raj  : Actually I am inspired with my Dad who is a Banker. I know being a banker is not easy at all and one needs to work really hard even after being a banker.
Rahul: That’s very nice, following dad’s foot step anyways that was a very good conversation with you Raj, Bye.
Raj  :  See you soon, bye.

2. Prepare a Dialogue between yourself and your father discussing the secret of success in business.

Myself: Dad, could you tell me, what makes one successful in business?
Father: Well, it’s fine that you have asked. Actually there are many qualities. Initiative is one of them.
Myself: What is initiative?
Father: Initiative is the ability to use your Judgement to make decisions. Of course, you also need capital investment.
Myself: Oh! that means I must have money to put into the business.
Father: That’s right. You must have a good business sense of market needs, dealing with the customer and remember that the customer is the King.
Myself: How will I know, which business to invest in?
Father: For this you will have to study the prevailing market trends. You may also consider your personal preference such as textiles or the food industry or auto spare parts.
Myself: Sure Dad! I will work on it and make a good plan.
Father: You will need a full proof plan that will, even after many obstacles, still work and keep you on the ground.
Myself: Then how do I come upon great plan that will ensure me success?
Father: Success comes only after struggle. But, mind you, failures are the building forces of an individual. So, even if you fail, never give up.
Myself: Well, that was an inspiring insight. If you don’t mind can I ask for your help and advice, whenever I may need it?
Father: Absolutely, It gives me joy to be of any help to you whenever and however I can.
Myself: Thanks Dad.
Father: Anytime!

3. Imagine you got the first rank in the intermediate first year. Your close friend came to congratulate you. How do you share your experience with him? Write a dialogue between you and your friend.

Myself: Hi! Kiran, how are you?
Kiran : Hello! I am fine. By the way congratulations! How have you achieved such a brilliant result?
Myself: Thank you. Actually it was possible with hard study and Perseverance.
Kiran : Actually, we all tried very well, but it was you, who got excellent results. Can you please share your perseverance?
Myself: Sure! Why not, study hard with determination
Kiran : Even we were determined.
Myself: I mean work to achieve a target and it is a brilliant result
Kiran : Would that be enough to get brilliant result?
Myself: Not exactly hard work. Just smart work.
Kiran : What do you mean?
Myself: Yes, I used to attend classes with prior preparation on the topic being discussed. This ensured my concentration. And I made note of the topics discussed at the end of the day.
Kiran : Is self preparation enough?
Myself: No, You have to take the help of teachers, elders for a proper guidance and tips from our Seniors who achieved this target already.
Kiran : Oh! We never spoke to Seniors.
Myself: Actually the Seniors will help you a lot by sharing their notes and previous question papers.
Kiran : Yeah, that’s true.
Myself: Even my parents supported me a lot, especially my mother who is behind my brilliant result.
Kiran : Yes, parents’ blessings and cooperation along with teachers and seniors are musts.
Myself: Anyways, All the best for the future.
Kiran : Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Myself: Anytime! Bye Kiran.
Kiran : Bye. And all the best to you too!

4. You are working in ABCD Company. Ask your company employer to enhance your salary from the next month. Write a dialogue between you and your employer.

Rahul: Good Morning, Sir! May I come in?
Boss: Yes Rahul, Please come in.
Rahul: Actually, I wanted to speak to you about something, So do let me know when you are free!
Boss: Please have a seat and do tell me!
Rahul: Sir, a humble request. It’s been two years since I had my last increment.
Boss: Yes, you’re right. Due to Corona, our company is in tough times
Rahul: The thing is that I have been working for the past 5 years and I believe I have been doing pretty good, so I’m expecting my salary to be raised.
Boss: I see! Well, I have found out that your work is up to the mark and that’s commendable. I will forward your words to the Management.
Rahul: Sir, Due to the increase in prices of all the essentials. It has become really difficult to live without a hike.
Boss: Yes, you are right.
Rahul: Please you need to hike my salary from next month, Sir.
Boss: You’re a very committed employee I will try my best.
Rahul: Thank You, Sir.
Boss: You are welcome.

5. Build a dialogue between a salesman and a customer who has sold defective apparel.

Salesman: Good evening Sir! How may  I help you?
Customer: Good evening! This is the Shirt I bought from your shop yesterday
Salesman: Sir, can I see the bill?
Customer: Here it is!
Salesman: Okay sir, what is the problem?
Customer: Buttons and sleeves are not properly stitched.
Salesman:  I’m very sorry, Sir. Let me have a look.
Customer: Sure, here it is!
Salesman: Yes true, the stitches are coming out.
Customer: It caused me a lot of inconvenience and waste of time.
Salesman: Sorry sir, I don’t know how this defective piece has reached.
Customer: Well now, I’ll select some other T-shirts in replacement of defective one. Will you show me some branded T-shirts?
Salesman: Sure sir! This way…
Customer: Can you please take out these T-shirts? I want T-shirts with full sleeves.
Salesman: Okay sir, here it is! 32’’T-shirt.
Customer: I like the plain, light colours in white and blue.
Salesman: Here it is!
Customer: Okay, where can I try them?
Salesman: Right side of the stair case is the trial room.
Customer: Okay thank you
Salesman: Sir, are you buying all the three shirts?
Customer: I’ll buy two T-shirts of white and blue colours.
Salesman: Okay sir, we can now proceed for billing.

6. As a student, you would like to open an account in the nearby State Bank of India. Write a conversation between you and an SBI bank manager about opening a savings bank account.

Rahul: Good morning, Sir!
Manager: Good morning, how can I help?
Rahul: I am a student of intermediate, I need to open an account in your bank.
Manager: Sure, which type of account do you want to open?
Rahul: Savings account, Sir.
Manager: Well, here is an application form for the savings account. Please kindly fill it out.
Rahul: Is that all, Sir?
Manager: No, you need to enclose your documents.
Rahul: Which documents, Sir?
Manager: Your college Bonafide, Aadhaar card, and two passport-size photographs
Rahul: Anything else, sir?
Manager: Fill the form, enclose the documents and submit to the assistant manager.
Rahul: Sir, I want the passbook and ATM card today.
Manager: You submit the documents and wait for half an hour. After processing, we shall give you passbook.
Rahul: Sir, ATM card?
Manager: After 15 days you will get an ATM card.
Rahul: Oh! Okay, Sir Thank You.

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