Degrees Of Comparison Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

13. Rewrite Any FOUR of the following sentences as directed [4×1=4M]

Note: Short Terms are used below, their full meaning are as follows

  • PD = Positive Degree
  • CD = Comparative Degree
  • SD = Superlative Degree


1. Rewrite the following sentences as directed (Page No 190)

1] LIC is one of the most popular insurance companies in India. (Other degrees)
A] Very few insurance companies in India are as popular as LIC (PD)
LIC is more popular than many other insurance companies in India (CD)

2] The custard apple is better for health than apple. (Positive)
A] The apple is not as good for health as the custard apple (PD)

3] No other boy in the class is as active as Surya Teja. (Comparative)
A] Surya Teja is more active than any other boy in the class. (CD)

4] A computer works much faster than the human brain. (Positive)
A] The human brain does not work as fast as a computer

5] I cannot speak as fast as you. (Comparative)
A] You can speak faster than me

6] Virus infects a person faster than bacteria. (Positive)
A] Bacteria does not infect a person as fast as virus.

7] Teaching profession is the best of all professions. (Other degrees)
A] The teaching profession is better than any other profession (CD)
No other profession is as good as the teaching profession. (P.D)

8] Laxmi Mittal is one of the most popular industrialists of Indian origin. (Other degrees)
A] Very few industrialists are as popular as Laxmi Mittal (PD)
Laxmi Mittal is more popular than many other industrialists (CD)

9] No other bank in India is as widely spread as SBL. (Superlative)
A]SBI has the most number of branches. (S.D)

10] Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. (Other degrees)
A] Cancer is more dangerous than many other diseases (CD)
Very few diseases are as dangerous as cancer (PD)

11] The Amazon is one of the longest rivers in the world. (Other degrees)
A] The Amazon is longer than many other rivers in the world (CD)
Very few rivers in the world are as long as the Amazon. (P.D)

12] Jupiter is bigger than any other planet. (Other degrees)
A] No other planet is as big as Jupiter. (P.D)
Jupiter is the biggest planet. (S.D)

13] A rainbow is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. (Other degrees)
A] A rainbow is more beautiful than many other sights in nature. (C.D)
Very few sights in nature are as beautiful as a rainbow. (P.D)

14]Very few English poets are as great as John Keats (Other Degrees)
A] John Keats is one of the greatest poets of English. (S.D)
A] John Keats is greater than many other poets of English (CD)

15] Lotus is the most beautiful flower. (Other degrees)
A] The lotus is more beautiful than any other flower. (C.D)
No other flower is as beautiful as the lotus. (P.D)

16] Mathematics is more difficult than most other subjects. (Superlative)
A] Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects. (S.D)

17] Shimla is cooler than Ooty. (Positive)
A] Ooty is not as cool as Shimla

18] He can’t run as fast as I. (Comparative)
A] I can run faster than him.

19] Vinay is not as mischievous as some other boys in the college. (Comparative)
A] Vinay is more mischievous than many other boys in college

20] Of all the Telugu singers S.P. Balasubramanyam had the most melodious voice. (Positive)
A] No other Telegu singer has a voice as melodious as SP. Balu’s

21] Health is more important than wealth. (Positive)
A] Wealth is not as important as health

22] Very few TV channels are as popular as ETV. (Superlative)
A] ETV is one of the most popular TV channels


1. Rewrite the following sentences as directed (Page No 191)

1] The taste of Pizza is more pleasing than that of Berger. (Other degree)
A] The taste of Burger is not as pleasing as that of Pizza. (P.D)

2] Sheela is getting smarter and smarter than Neela. (Into the other degree)
A] Neela is not getting as smart as Sheela (P.D)

3] Raj is one of the bravest fighters. (Into comparative)
A] Raj is braver than any other fighters. (C.D)

4] Radha speaks more fluently than Sudha. (Other Degree)
A] Sudha does not speak as fluently as Radha. (P.D)

5] Riding a horse is not as easy as riding a motorbike. (Into the other degree)
A] Riding a motorbike is easier than riding a horse. (C.D)

6] Silence is the most potent weapon to win an argument. (Into positive]
A] No other weapon is so potent as silence to win an argument. (Positive)

7] Rachana’s sister is taller than yours. (Into the other degree)
A] My sister is not as tall as Rachana’s sister. (P.D)

8] Dogs don’t look as cute as rabbits. (Into the other degree)
A] Rabbits look more cute than dogs. (C.D)

9] He is not the worst student in the class. (Into comparative)
A] Other students in the class are worse than him (C.D)

10] Very few heroes are as great as Gandhiji in the world history. (Into superlative)
A] Gandhiji is the greatest of all the heroes in the world history. (S.D)

3. Change the following sentences into other Degrees Of Comparison (Page No 191)

1] Bus journey is not as comfortable as train journey.
A] Train journey is more comfortable than bus journey. (C.D)

2] Radhakrishnan is more highly respected than any other teacher.
A] Radhakrishnan is the most respected teacher of all. (S.D)
No other teacher is as respected as Radhakrishnan (P.D)

3] Robert Frost is one of the best American poets.
A] Very few American poets are as good as Robert Frost. (P.D)
No other American poet is better than Robert Frost (C.D)

4] No other road in the world is as long as the Pan-American Highway,
A] The Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world. (S.D)
The Pan America is longer than any other road in the world. (C.D)

5] Kashmir is one of the coolest places in India.
A] Kashmir is cooler than any other places in India. (C.D)
No other place in India is as cool as Kashmir (P.D)

6] A foolish friend can be more dangerous than a wise enemy.
A] A wise enemy cannot be so dangerous as a foolish friend. (P.D)

7] Money is not as important as character.
A] Character is more important than money (C.D)

8] Modern culture is not as stable as Traditional culture.
A] Traditional culture is more stable than modern culture. (C.D)

9] For many Indians, cricket gives greater pleasure than football.
A] For many Indians, football doesn’t give as much pleasure as cricket. (P.D)

10] Natural flowers appeal more to our senses than artificial flowers
A] Artificial flowers do not appeal to our senses as much as natural flowers. (P.D)

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