Short Stories Playing The Game Arthur Henry Mee Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

English Study Material for First Year Intermediate, on Short Stories ” Playing The Game” by Arthur Henry Mee, via Interactive English Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad.

Short stories

1. Playing The Game (Arthur Henry Mee)

6. Match any four of the following words in column-A with their meaning/definition in column-B [4 x 1=4]

1) playing the gamedoing what is right
2) to see him offto say goodbye to him
3) mightilygreatly
4) shaping wellmaking progress
5) thin, cracked voiceweak, unsteady voice
6) sturdy (adj)strong
7) totteredwalked with unsteady steps
8) obligedthankful
9) stumbled overwalked in an unsteady way as if falling
on the ground

3. Answer ANY TWO of the following in 100 Words each. [2x 4 =8M]

  • a) Write a paragraph on how Alan and his parents felt excited when he chosen to play for the school cricket match?
  • b) Narrate the feelings of Alan as he was not able to reach the ground in time after meeting the old man on his way.
  • c) Helping the old is as good as playing the game. Elucidate with reference to the story.

The story “Playing the Game” was written by Arthur Henry Mee and is taken from “My Magazine”. Arthur Henry Mee was an English writer, journalist, and Educator. He was the editor of his “My Magazine”. He is best known for “The Children’s News Paper” and “The Kings England”.

The story “Playing The Game” is a touching incident, narrated by Arthur Henry Mee, about a schoolboy, Alan. Alan, a schoolboy was a cricket buff. Alan was selected for the school team. His father has not only encouraged him but also made Alan practice bowling along with him.His parents were very excited and his father promised him that he would buy a bicycle if his team won the match. Both the parents cheered and wished him to do his best in the school cricket match. Alan was extremely excited to reach the school cricket ground.

On his way to school, he saw a very old man leaning heavily on his stick. It was a hilly path and the old man wanted Alan’s help to reach his home. Alan was greatly worried about whether he would reach on time. All his thoughts were preoccupied with the happening on the cricket field and every one of the team must be wondering why he didn’t reach.He wanted to take care of the old man as he fell down despite his anxiety to reach the field in time. Meanwhile, Alan was relieved by a police officer. He was finally taken home by the cop. When Alan arrived at the playground, he discovered Harold Bank, a small boy, playing in his place. Alan’s father was informed of the incident by the police officer. His father felt very happy and bought a bicycle for Alan. The school boys gave Alan three cheers the next morning because they had heard about his good deed.

Though he missed playing the game he was appreciated for his kind deed by all his classmates, and he was gifted with a bicycle by his father. Thus, helping the old man was a rewarding experience for Alan.



The story Playing the Game was written by Arthur Henry Mee. He was an English writer, Journalist, and Educator. He was the editor of his “My Magazine“.
Alan was a schoolboy. He was a cricket buff. He was selected for the school cricket team, his father also encouraged him to play cricket. He practiced bowling with his father. His father and his mother were very excited at his selection. Alan’s father promised to buy him a bicycle if his team won the match. On his way to school, he met an old man whom he helped to reach his place. He sacrificed the cricket match, his father was very proud of him and his classmates cheered him for his kind gesture.

Thus the story Playing the Game about the school-going boy Alan is very

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