Vocabulary Interactive English Second Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

11. Match Any FOUR of the following words in Column-A with their meaning/definition in Column B [4×1=4Marks]

Given below is a list of words to enrich your vocabulary ( Page 142-146)

1. agnostic:  a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief existence of God
2. altruism:  unselfish interest in the welfare of others
3. amateur : one who engages in an activity for enjoyment rather than as a profession
4. ambidextrous:  able to use both hands equally well
5. ambiguous:  having more than one meaning, and, so, is unclear
6. amphibious :  living on land as well as in water
7. anarchist:  one who rebels against authority or established order
8. anarchy :  the absence of government or control in a society
9. annihilation :  complete destruction of something
10. anonymous :  (a person) not identified by name, of unknown name

11. anthology:  a collection of poems or stories
12. antidote :  a substance that can act against the effect of poison
13. antiseptic :  a medicine that prevents infection
14. archaeology:  the study of life and culture of ancient people through the excavation of sites
15. atheist:  a person who does not believe in the existence of God
16. audience :  a number of people listening to a lecture or a concert
17. autobiography:  the life history of a person written by himself/herself
18. autonomous:  (an organization) having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs
19. bacteriology:  a scientific study of bacteria
20. biography :  a story of someone’s life written by another person

21. biosphere:  the totality of living organisms and their environment
22. bouquet:  a bunch of flowers tied together to be given as a presentor to welcome someone
23. brunch:  a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch
24. calligraphy:  the art of good handwriting
25. cannibal:  a person who eats human flesh
26. cantonment:  a permanent station for soldiers, garrison
27. celibacy:  the state of remaining unmarried
28. centennial (centenary):  the hundredth anniversary of an event
29. chef:  a professional cook, typically the head cook in a restaurant
30. contemporary:  living or occurring at the same time

31. cosmopolitan :  an outlook that is influenced by people from all over the world
32. den:  the home of lions
33. dermatologist: a doctor who treats skin diseases
34. drought:  prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall
35. edible:  fit to be eaten as food by humans
36. encyclopaedia:  a book or set of books giving information on many subjects and typically arranged alphabetically
37. endemic:  (disease) regularly found in a particular area or among particular people
38. ephemeral:  lasting for a very short time
39. epidemic:  the spread of an infectious disease in a very short time in a place
40. epitaph:  a short text written on a tombstone

41. epitome:  the perfect example of something
42. etiquette: the rules of accepted polite behaviour in a society
43. etymology :  the study of the origin and history of words
44. extempore:  spoken or done without any preparation
45. faction:  a small organized dissenting group within a larger one (especially in politics)
46. fanatic:  a person with extreme and irrational beliefs in politic and religion
47. feast:  a large meal on a day of celebration
48.feminist: a person who fights for the rights of women
49. florist:  one who sells flowers
50. garage :  a place for keeping cars

51. geocentric: having the earth at the centre
52. glutton:  one who eats excessively
53. graphophobia: fear of writing
54. gregarious: (of people) who love the company of others
55. gymnasium:  a room that has equipment for physical exercises
56. hematophobia:  fear of blood
57. herbarium :  a collection of dried plants.
58. hydrosphere :  all the water of the earth
59. iconoclast:  one who attacks established and cherished beliefs, idol breaker
60. imminent: about to happen in the immediate future

61. immune:  resistant to a particular disease or toxin
62. incorrigible:  (of people) who cannot be corrected or changed
63. indefatigable: able to work for a long time without becoming tired
64. indelible: (a mark) that cannot be erased easily
65. inevitable: that which will happen and cannot be avoided
66. infallible: incapable of making mistakes
67. inflammable: catching fire quickly
68. insolvent:  unable to pay debts
69. invincible:  too strong to be defeated
70. invisible:  that which cannot be seen

71. irrevocable:  something that cannot be changed
72. kennel:  a house or shelter for a dog
73. lethal:  designed to cause death
74. loquacious :  talking a lot or too much
75. maxim:  a short statement expressing the rule of conduct
76. mercenary :  concerned with making money at the expense of ethics
77. misogynist:  a man who hates women
78. mortuary :  a place where dead bodies are kept until cremation
79. notorious:  well known for some bad quality
80. novice:  one who is inexperienced or new to a job

81. nuance:  a slight difference in meaning that is difficult to detect
82. obsolete:   something which is out of date
83. omnipotent  :  having unlimited power
84. omniscient:  having complete or unlimited knowledge
85. opaque :  that which cannot be seen through, not transparent
86. optician:  a person whose job is to examine people’s eyes and to recommend and sell glasses
87. optimist:  one who looks at the Bright side of things
88. ornithology:  a scientific study of birds
89. orthopaedican:  who treats conditions involving the musculo-skeletal system/bone specialist
90. paediatrician:   a doctor who treats diseases of children

91. palindrome:  a word or phrase that reads the same backwards or Forwards Example: madam
92. pantheism:  the belief that God is present in all things
93. patent:  sole right to produce or sell an invention
94. pedestrian:  a person walking on a street
95. penchant :  strong taste or liking for something
96. perennial:  lasting for a long time, continually recurring
97. peregrination:  a long slow journey, especially on foot
98. pessimist:  one who looks at the dark side of things
99. philanthropist :  a person who helps the needy
100. physician:  one who attends to sick people and prescribes medicines

101. pilgrimage:  a journey to a holy place for religious reasons
102. polyglot :   one who can speak many languages
103. professional:  a person with proven practical knowledge in a field
104. pschology:  the study of human mind and behaviour
105. quaratine:  confinement to one place to prevent the spread of infection
106. seismograph:  an instrument for detecting earthquakes
107. somnambulism:  the habit or activity of walking in sleep
108. spendthrift:  a person who wastes money
109. stalwart:  a loyal supporter of an organization
110. stoic:  one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
111. teetotaller:  one who never takes alcoholic drinks
112. theist:  a person who believes in the existence of God
113. verbose:  using more words than required
114. veteran :  someone who has a lot of experience in a field
115. web:  the home of spiders


Column AAnswerColumn B
1) ambidextrous( d )a) the study of the origin of words
2) calligraphy( e )b) fear of writing
3) etymology( a )c) fear of blood
4) illiterate( g )d) able to use both hands equally well
5) graphophobia( b )e) the art of good handwriting
6) hematophobia( c )f) fear of being alone in an open space
( )g) the person who cannot read or write.
( )h) fear of snakes


Column AAnswerColumn B
1) bouquet ( f )a) one who never takes alcoholic drinks
2) drought( g )b) having unlimited power
3) glossary( e )c) something kept in the memory of an event
4) memento( c )d) a collection of dried plants
5) omnipotent ( b )e) a list of terms in a text with an explanation
6) teetotaller ( a )f) a bunch of flowers tied together to be given as a present or to welcome someone
( )g) prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall
( )h) a short text written on a tombstone

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