Reading General Comprehension Passages Interactive English First Year Intermediate Study Material With Answers

Table of Topics

7] Read the following passage carefully and answer any four questions given after it in a word or a sentence each [4×1=4]

1. Complementing Comprehension ( Page: 249 )

[1]Comprehension is a very comprehensive concept .it covers many aspects. Knowing the mere meaning of the text is but a small part of comprehension. comprehension includes (a)decoding the meaning (b)relating it to what one knows,(c)thinking about it appropriately, (d)responding positively, (e) applying it to real life, and (f) remembering it and retrieving it when needed. in that inclusive sense, comprehension forms the very base of any learning languages, Humanities, Sciences, and most importantly, Life’s lesson. treating comprehension as an examination-linked task is to Limit our own progress. Enlightenment, Enrichment, and enjoyment go hand in hand as one steadily progresses in acquiring comprehension skills!

1) Why is comprehension considered comprehensive?
A) Comprehension is considered comprehensive because it includes many as decoding the meaning, thinking about it, responding positively, applying it to real life, and remembering it.

2) What is meant by comprehension?
A) To understand fully.

3) Write down two important aspects of true comprehension?
A) (a) decoding the meaning, (b) relating it to what one knows, (c) thinking about it appropriately, 

4) What is the very base of any learning?
A) Comprehension forms the very base of any learning- languages, Humanities, sciences, and most importantly, Lifes lessons 

5) According to the passage, what is the most important subject to learn?
A) Life’s lesson 

6]What is the result of steady progress in one’s comprehension skills?
A) Treating comprehension as an examination-linked task is to limit our own progress 

7) What is comprehension in the opinion of some persons that hamper one’s progress in learning.
A) Enlightenment, enrichment and enjoyment 

8) Write the expression used in the passage to mean together/ in coordination. 
A) Go hand in hand

2. Opportunities Unlimited ( Page: 249 )

[2] I noticed the method applied to about six of the wealthiest men in England in a book of interviews published by an able and well-known journalist.

(This is a single sentence with 26 words. it is taken from GK Chesterton’s the worship of the wealthy.)

1) Who does the word I refer to in the passage?
A) G K Chesterton’s 

2) What did the narrator notice?
A) Method applied to about six of the wealthiest men in England in a book of Interviews

3) Where did the narrator notice it?
A) In England in a book of interviews.

4) To whom was that method applied? 
A) Six of the wealthiest man in England.

5) Where did those six wealthy person hail from
A) England.

6) Which is the book mentioned here?
A) “Worship of the wealthy”

7) Who published that book?
A) An Able and well-known journalist G K Chesterton

8) What is the specialty of the publisher?
A) He is an able and well-known journalist.

9) What kind of people find a place in the passage?
A) Journalist, News Reporter, and Interviewers.

10) Write the synonym of popular?
A) Well known

11) Write the other form of the word able.
A) Capable

12) Can we also call a reporter a journalist?
A) Yes

12) Can you write two or more such words used in that field as a journalist?
A) Editor, reporter, Press, Etc

3. Innovation In Irrigation – Kaleswaram ( Page: 250 )

[3]  Kaleshwaram, the brainchild of Shri K Chandrashekhar Rao, is considered the world’s largest multipurpose, multistage lift irrigation project. The other two such projects in the world (one in the USA- Colorado; and the other in Egypt -great man-made river) took three decades for the completion. But Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project (KLIP) was inaugurated in just three years (on 21 June 2019) after starting work on it in 2016. With three barrages, 20 left and 20 reservoirs, it aims at lifting water to 500 meters height and carrying it to over 500 KMs spanning 13 districts with a Canal network crossing 1800KMs. 

Built on the Godavari at Kaleshwaram in jayashankarbhopapali district, the project mainly aims to use the till now unused Pranhitha water near its Confluence with the Godavari. the project presently lifts 2 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of water per day. Plants are afoot to increase the capacity to 3 TMC a day. It AIMS at irrigating 37 lakh acres besides meeting the drinking water needs of Hyderabad and other villages, developing water transport, and promoting fisheries and tourism.

1] Why Kaleshwaram called a multipurpose project?
A] Used for agriculture, power generation and drinking water etc

2] Support the statement that KLIP is a multipurpose project?
A] With three barrage, 20 Lifts and 20 Reservoirs

3] What is the difference between KLIP and other such projects in the world 
A] [KLIP] was inaugurated in just three years while others took three decades.

4) Name the river that provides water to KLIP
A] Godavari at Kaleshwaram in JayashankarBhopapali district,

5] To what height is water lifted from the beginning to the final point?
A] 500 meters height and carrying it to over 500 km

6] What is the irrigation potential of KLIP in acres?
A] It aims at irrigating 37 lakh acres 

7] Expand TMC
A] Thousand million cubic feet

8] Give the location of KLIP
A] KLIP constructed at Kaleshwaram in Jayashankar Bhupapalli district.

4. Loving Warriors ( Page: 251 )

[4] Love is gravity, for it makes some attached to others (including animals) Pradeep Nair and Santhosi -made for each other Hyderabad couple – belong to that rarest category, attached to others. These Heroes of Hyderabad have so far rescued seventy thousand distressed animals! They foster disabled animals too. initiated indirectly into this mission by their parents, they started their love Saga 14 years ago. with registration in 2019, their 25 + active, skill team is now officially Animal Warriors Conservation Society. They coordinate with other NGOs, and fire, forest, and zoo officials in wildlife conservation and activities like Lake cleaning and Manza cleaning. Despite a resource crunch, they go ahead with their mission. sensitive souls, intelligent Minds, and skilled hands are their invaluable resources. their determined will has moved out IT Minister KT Rama Rao into the rearrest gesture of extending a fund of rupees 10 lakh. Crying wildlife appeals to all to strengthen caring Hands by sharing their mission of animal protection, wildlife conservation, and awareness promotion.

1] When we read about Pradeep Nair and Santhoshi we think of the great saying, love is gravity. explain in a sentence how.
A] For it makes some attached to others (including animals)

2] Who promoted them to love animals? 
A] Their Parents

3] What are the three goals that constitute their mission? 
A] Rescuing the distressed animals, lake cleaning Manza cleaning.

4] Who do they coordinate within their wildlife conservation?
A] Coordinate with NGOs ,fire,forest,zoo officials.

5] Name the organization that got an official status in 2019.
A] Animal warriors conservation society

6] What moved the it minister to show the rarest gesture? 
A] Their determined will, sensitive souls, intelligent minds and skilled hands.

7] What is the appeal of crying wild life? 
A] Appeal to all to strengthen their caring hands

 8] Pick out the synonym of preservation from the passage.
A] Conservation

5. Swach Bandi – Clean Telangana – Second Only To One! ( Page: 251 )

[5] The second was Swatch Badi (the first one in India being in Bengaluru) was recently inaugurated by the finance minister T Harish Rao in Siddipeta. Here, the faculty will teach how to collect garbage, segregate dry, wet, and harmful garbage, take care of Public Health, avoid plastic and produce compost from garbage at home. Dr. Prashanti from Bengaluru will supervise the activities at this learning center, for children and elders anyone can enroll here for the course focus is on educating school- children, DWCRA (development of women and children in rural areas) women, and leaders. teaching here is carried on in the digital form actual Demos and PowerPoint presentations. Compost generated can be used as manure, spreading the concept all around is the need of the hour!

1] Where does the first swatch Badi in India function?
A] Bengaluru

2] Swatch Badi in Siddi pet is the first of its kind in Telangana. Say true or false.
A] True

3] Name the three types of garbage mentioned in the passage. 
A] Dry, wet and harmful

4] Who looks after the functioning of the school? 
A] Dr.Prasanthi

5] Who can join this school?
A] Children or elders, anyone

6] Mentioned the three teaching methods used here.
A] Digital forms, actual demos, and PowerPoint presentation

7] How can the composed used produced here be used?
A] Compost generated thus can be used as manure.

8] Is it enough for Telangana to have this one school?
A] No, one school is not enough – spreading the concept all around is the need of the hour!

6. Initiative an INCH-Inspiration in TONS

[6] An iota of initiative can ignite inspiration in tons, capable of moving mountains at a rapid pace. Sounds incredible? See it happen in our Golden Telangana right now. Miracles become common when the initiative comes from a man with integrity, good intentions, and unconditional love for others.

Other worth emulating traits of sterling personality are: 
a. simple living and high thinking; b. love for truth; c. discipline; d. practicing before preaching; e. democratic to the core and; F. working for a common cause. His quest for truth is visible in his 40 years old Satyavanshanamandali, his belief that individual progress and social progress are inseparable has prompted him to work for the development of a model town involving hundred of committed persons from all walks of life, including spiritual areas. He is Surendra Babu Putta, 71, and the fortunate town witnessing his impact is kodada, the Gateway of Telangana. His very lifestyle offers innumerable lessons on integrated personality development to the interested. Think, think, think- this is his Mantra.

1] How is the value of initiative highlighted in the passage?
A] An iota of initiative can ignite inspiration in TONS

2] Does the initiative from any kind of person have the same impact?
A] No

3] The initiative from what kind of person can make miracles the order of the day?
A] Man with integrity, good intentions, and unconditional love for others 

4] Name three traits of the lead character’s personality.
A] a. Simple living and high thinking.   b. love for truth.   C discipline

5] Is it usual to have all such positive traits in people around us? 
A] No

6] What is the objective of the forty-year-old organization in the passage?
A] Quest For Truth

7] Name the person impacting and the place being impacted.
A] Surendra Babu Putta, Kodada, The Gateway Of Telangana

8] What kind of lessons can we learn from his way of living?
A] Integrated personality development

7. Save Girl Child-Save Mankind! ( Page No. 253 )

[7]Gender bias is a global problem, and its intensity in India is intriguing for reasons both obscure and obvious. Yet, at times we see brilliant rays of hope emanating from unexpected quarters an instance of this is an inspiring move initiated at Haridaspur Village of Kondapur Mandal, Sangareddy district by the sarpanch, Shafi to save girl children and to encourage their education. Proving that good manners too are infectious, the movement started spreading fast, far and wide. In just a year of its beginning, a handful of villages have already started following the example. inspired by this movement, Yeddumailaram Village (Kandi Mandal) has set a record by opening Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) account for 72 girl children on a single day.

Openings such as accounts, planting trees, honoring mothers of girl children, encouraging girl education, etc. are the main moves in this direction. public representatives, doctors, press, and officials have been actively encouraging such persons. Pride of place is credited to intermediate education are personnel, particularly a principal, have been playing an active role for a long by promoting crucial awareness and raising funds, even NRI’s! May their tribe multiply!

1] What is the issue that is regarded as universal in this passage?
A] Gender bias

2] Is India in a better position in this connection than other countries?
A] No

3] How has Haridaspur set an example in eliminating gender bias?
A] Save girl children and encourage their education

4] What makes the narrator say that good manners are infectious?
A] The movement started spreading fast, far, and wide.

5] List the main moves initiated in the save girl child campaign
A] Openings SSY accounts, planting trees, honoring mothers of girl children, encouraging girl education, etc.

6] What kind of role is being played by the personnel from intermediate education?
A] Promoting crucial awareness and raising funds, even from NRI’s

7] Write the part of speech of the word personnel
A] Noun

8] Give the synonym for the word essential from the passage
A] Curcial

8. WOMEN at CENTRE – WELFARE in PROGRESS ( Page no. 253-254 )

[8]A woman is a full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform, which goes a glorious complement, highlighting women’s power. Then, if many women are at the helm of a village, can you imagine the degree of transformation? a lively example is unfolding itself at Madhavaram village of the Suryapet district. With the initiative from the sons of the soil like Sri Koti Reddy, Superintendent of police, Ram Sudheer, School assistant (teacher), the entire village panchayat was unanimously occupied by an all-women team. Besides, women’s committees were formed for each important village development activity like education, health, drinking water, and sanitation.

MS Vijayalakshmi, Sarpanch, and Ms. Janakamma, vice- Sarpanch are all smiles when asked about their achievement in a short span of time the long list includes a library, purified water, gymnasium, English Medium Sections in ZP School, greenery, etc. Their honesty in admitting that their move towards the prohibition of liquor still awaits results stuns everyone. The village serves as a model, showcasing women’s power.

1] Frailty, thy name is woman, says Shakespear. But, what does this passage say in this regard?
A] This passage represents Woman and entire opposite form. It says Woman has the power to create, nurture, and transform power

2] Mention the unique feature of Madhavaram’s present panchayat.
A] Unfolding transformation –the entire village panchayat was unanimously occupied by an all-women team.

3 What do other all-women committees have for their function?
A] Education, health, drinking water, sanitation

4] Why were the sarpanch and vice-sarpanch all smiles?
A] All their achievement have been achieving in a short span of time

5] Which particular area still awaits satisfactory progress?
A] The prohibition of liquor

6] What does the village seek to showcase?
A] Women’s power

7]  Who initiated the village development activities?
A] Sri Koti Reddy, superintendent of police, Ram Sudheer, School assistant (teacher)

8] Write the expression from the passage used to mean in charge of.
A] Helm of a Viilage

9. Mistakes Can Make Miracles ( Page No. 254-255 )

[9] Mistakes at times can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. One such error lead to the establishment of the Nobel Prize, the most coveted award in the world. When Ludwig (Alfred’s brother) died in 1888, a French newspaper erroneously confused the deceased’s identity with that of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite brought him enormous money. As a result, it published a scathing obituary entitled “The Merchant of death is dead”. Alfred thus had the rarest opportunity of reading his own death report (obituary). His troubled conscience said to himself, (is how prosperity is going to remember me? No, I must do something. the huge Fortune I made must go to promote peace in this world.) what followed is history. Nobel Prizes in peace, literature, physics, chemistry, and Biology/ medicine were thus born!

1] What was the error that led to the establishment of The Noble Prize?
A] French newspaper erroneously published Alfred was dead instead of Ludwig 

2] How did the French paper describe Alfred’s noble 
A] “The Merchant Of Death Is Dead”

3] Who died in 1888?
A] Ludwig (Alfred’s brother)

4] What was the rearrest opportunity Alfred Noble had?
A] Opportunity of reading his own death report (obituary)

5] How did Noble try to change his image?
A] To promote peace in this world, with his huge fortune.

6] Write the word used in the passage to mean death report.
A] Obituary

7] Give the antonym, from the passage, of appreciate.
A] Scathing

8] What is the difference, in terms of Grammer, between the word death and dead?
A] Death=noun; Dead=adjective

10. Forgets and Forgive – Live Life ( Page No 255 )

[10] Man gets and forgets; God gives and forgives; thus goes a saying. Once, a god-like four-year-old child showed the way. The girl was at the dining table, listening intently to her father admonishing her. When he took a long pause, she asked politely, ‘’Dad, if you finished, may I say something?’’ even while being scolded, she maintained her poise.  Her patient listening to her poise teaches us life’s lessons as well, or even better than scripture does. Think of any adult in that situation and the probable response. Can anyone be anywhere near that girl in her attitude? We all like to be liked, no doubt. But can we order fond feelings from others?

Patience, forgiveness, love, etc are some valuable qualities that help us live in peace, be liked, or more importantly, help us give and yet forgive others – a sure way to spread true happiness all around.

1] What are the attributes of men, according to the saying?
A] Man gets and forgets

2] What was the girl doing while her father was scolding her?
A] Listening intently

3] What qualities in that girl teach us life’s lessons?
A] Waiting for her poise, listening intently

4] According to the passage, there are many adults like that girl. Say true or false
A] False

5] Does the writer say that fond feelings can be ordered from others?
A] No

6] What is the sure way for spreading happiness all around?
A] Patience, forgiveness, love, etc  

7] Write the synonym of the word scolding
A] Admonishing

 8] Write the antonym of the word inattentively
A] Intently

11. Queen’s Wisdom ( Page no 255 – 256 )

11] Layla, the wise queen once ruled Arabia. Her wisdom illuminated the land like the Sun. In beauty and wealth, she had peers none. All the seven regions under her control enjoyed peace and prosperity, courtesy, and her able and wise rule.

Yet, people were not content. They used to say some unpleasant things against the queen. When the Chief Advisor wanted to know the reason for this, smiled and said, “I can do almost everything I wish. I can order the frontiers to be closed; the gates of the palace to be locked and so on. But one thing I cannot do: makes the people shut their mouths. It matters not what false things people say; what counts more is to continue to do which I consider being true!”

1. What is queen Layla famous for?
A] Wisdom, Beauty, Wealth

2 How was it that all those seven regions enjoyed peace and prosperity?
A] Her wisdom eliminated the land like the sun

3 What did the Chief Advisor want to know?
A] “Why people were not content and says more pleasant things against the queen”

4. What was the one thing that the queen was unable to do?
A] Make people shut their mouths.

5. Was the queen worried as she couldn’t do that?
A] No

6. Why was the queen not bothered by the unpleasant things people said?
A] The queen did not bother because it was all False.

7. What really matters most, according to the queen?
A] Queen continues to do good what she considers to be true.

8. Give the antonym of the word adversity?
A] Prosperity

12. Charity Boundless ( Page No 256 )

12] Live only to serve, to serve food seemed to be the motto that guided Ms DokkaSeetamma all through her life. Popular as AparaAnnapoorna, MsDokkaSeetamma was born in October 1841 at Mandapetaof East Godavari District. Her father, Mr. Bhavani Sankaram offered food to anyone who came to them hungry. Seetamma’s mother died when she was just six. And Seetamma had to shoulder her mother’sresponsibility of serving food to the needy. Thus started a habit of cooking and serving food lasted for four-Plus decades. Even after her marriage to DokkaJoganna and her moving to LankalaGannavaram, she didn’t do anything else except cooking and serving food. King Edward VIIhonoured her for her philanthropy placing her photograph at a function. At an aqueduct on the Godavari was named after her. And her statue finds a place in Vivekananda Park in Kakinada.

1. What is the motto that guided MsDokkaSeetamma all through her life?
A] Live only to serve, serve food

2.. Where was MsSeetamma born?
A] October 1841 at Mandapeta of East Godavari District

3. Why did she start serving food since the time she was six?
A] Her mother died when she was six since then had to shoulder her mother’s responsibility

4. How long did she continue in her mission of serving food?
A] fourty –plus decades

5. List the honors she enjoyed
A] 1. King Edward VII honored her for her philanthropy by placing her photograph at a function an aqueduct on the Godavari was named after her.

6. What is her other popular name?
A] Apara Annapurna

7. Write the idiom used in the passage to mean to take up the work.
A] Live only to Serve

8 Write the part of speech of the word philanthropy.
A] Noun

13. A Modern Marvel Taking Shape On Our Soil At Sangareddy ( Page no 257)

13] Can you conceive of a construction without cement and steel? Unimaginable? But, a modern-a 32-foot-high Sri Chakra-shaped temple is taking shape on a sprawling one-and-a-half-acre site with natural elements like lime, jaggery, jute, gum, myrobalan fruit (karakkaya) paste, Indian Bael ( Maredu /Bilwa) juice, sand and stone (15 lakh pieces, some weighing 5 tons each). With Lord Shiva as the presiding deity, this Sri Kailasa Prastara Mahameru (human body) Panchamukha Umamaheswara Devast Phasalvadi village, near Sangareddy, is being devised, planned, and executed by JyothirvaasthuVidy.

Modeled after ancient temples like Konark, and Hampi, this 20-crore rupee mammoth miracle is expected to have a life of 6,000 years, says Maheswara Siddhanthi, the man behind this project. Hundreds of expert engineers, skilled sculptors, eminent architects, and famous artisans have been toiling since day one of June 2017 and are determined to complete it at the earliest. With concepts from epics as its inspiration, this temple looks certain to flourish as a spiritual center with unique architectural features!

1. Mention the unique feature of this temple in terms of construction materials used.
A] Lime, jaggery, jute, gum, myrobalan fruit (karakkaya) paste, Indian Bael ( Maredu /Bilwa) juice, sand, and stone

2. Which organization is executing the work of this temple?
A] Jyothirvaasthu Vidyapeetham

3. Where is this temple located?
A] Phasalvadi village, near Sangareddy,

4. Without using cement and steel, can the structure last long? Support your answer with a sentence from the passage.
A] Miracle is expected to have a life of 6,000 years, says Maheswara Siddhanthi, engineers, skilled sculptors, eminent architects

5. Name the temples that were studied to design this temple.
A] Konark, Hampi

6. Who is supervising this major project?
A] Maheswara Siddhanthi

7. Write the synonym of the word famous.
A] eminent

8. When did the actual construction work start on this project?
A] 14 June 2017

14. No Stops Barred ( Page No 257 – 258 )

14] ‘Go’ is the single-worded, shortest sentence. What could, then, be the longest sentence? How many words? Try guessing. The longest sentence has four lakhs plus words. Yes, it’s a thousand-page novel titled Ducks, New bury port, conceived and composed by Lucy Ellman. This thousand-page novel won this year’s (2020) 10,000-pound Goldsmith’s Prize, for breaking the mold and extending the novel’s form. “It’s a massive achievement, “exclaimed a judge. “This gripping, hypnotic novel remakes the novel……” extolled another judge. The ambitious form of the novel initially invited rejections till Galley Beggar was finally published. The novel is in the form of an internal monologue of a mother in Ohio as she bakes pies in her kitchen. According to the writer, this one long run-on sentence book makes its readers float around to sink or swim, engulfed in one woman’s thought.

1. How many words are there in the longest sentence?
A] Four lakhs plus words

2. Who composed that sentence and in which form?
A] Thousand-page novel titled Ducks, composed by Lucy Ellman.

3. What does that sentence deal with its content?
a] Form of an internal monologue of a mother in Ohio as she bakes pies in her kitchen.

4. How was that longest sentence honored in the year of publication?
A] In 2020 won the 10,000-pound Goldsmith’s Prize

5. Reproduce the comments on the book by two judges.
A] 1. it’s a massive achievement; 2] This gripping, hypnotic novel remakes the novel

6. Why was the book initially rejected by the publishers?
A] it was in the ambition form of a novel

7. “This one long run-on sentence book makes its readers…”What does it make its readers?
A] Float around to sink or swim, engulfed in one woman’s thought

8. Why was this book chosen for Goldsmith’s Prize?
A] breaking the mold and extending the novel’s form

15. Rags To Writer – the Saga of Laxman Rao ( Page 258 – 259 )

15] India’s Capital is home to a famous Chaiwala. A darling of the press, feted by numerous organizations, and no stranger to the highest echelons of political affairs, Laxman Rao led a storied life. It wasn’t his brews but his books that catapulted him into fame, and even into Teen Murthi House, where Indira Gandhi hosted him in 1984. Now the writer of twenty-five Hindi books – novels and plays – he has received awards from NGOs and literary associations and has been covered more than one hundred times in print and digital media. All the while, until Delhi went into lockdown, you could still walk up to a tea stall on Vishnu Digamber Marg and treat yourself to a cup of tea from this celebrated author!

1. Where does this famous Chaiwala Laxman Rao, live?
A] Delhi

2. What does the expression ‘no stranger to the highest echelons of political office’ mean?
A] No one is stranger to become highest ranking of political affairs. ( From low position to high position )

3. What catapulted Laman Rao into fame?
A] His books

4. Mention the medium that made Laxman Rao familiar to many
A] Hindi and Media publicity made him familiar to many

5. What quality of Laxman Rao strikes you the most as you treat yourself with a cup of tea, he made and sold to you?
A] The quality of selling tea even after becoming a celebrated author

6. Write the word used in the passage to mean much talked or written about.
A] Catapulted

7. What is the word used m the passage to mean a number of.
A] numerous

8. Write the synonym of honored.
A] celebrated

16. Determine to Live and Write ( Page No 280 )

16] Deprivation has driven the determined Manoranjan Byapari to dare destiny with his pointed questions. Bomas a poor, neglected, and hardworking laborer with hunger as his twin brother, Manoranjan Byapari turned out to be an award-winning writer. With nearly twenty books in Bengali to his credit, including his latest work, ChandalJibon (Bengali Title – semi-autobiographical) – most of them translated into English and other languages – he received many awards -notable among them being West Bengal Sahitya Academy’s and The Hindu Award for non-fiction.

“I write because I cannot kill,” said Byapari once, adding, “The indomitable will to live keeps me alive even today despite odds like discrimination in dozens I face every day.” He started learning the letters of the alphabet when he was in prison, for no fault of his. Once riding Byapari’s rickshaw and noticing his innate talent to narrate, Maha Swetha Devi invited Byapari to write for her magazine, Bartikal. Thus, a great writer was born, rather accidentally! And now he is elected as an MLA from the balagarh constituency (West Bengal) in May 2021.

1. What drove Manoranjan Byapari to challenge even destiny?
A] Deprivation and Determination

2. How has this hard-working poor laborer become popular?
A] With his twenty books written in Bengali

3. Name his latest work.
A] Chandal Jibon

4. Mention some important honors he received.
A] West Bengal Sahitya Academy’s Award, The Hindu Award For Non Fiction

5. Why does he write, according to himself?
A] “I write because I cannot kill,” said Byapari, his will live keeps me alive even today.

6. Manoranj an Byapari had formal education like an ordinary boy. Say true or false.
A] False

7. What keeps him alive despite odds in dozens he faces even today?
A] The indomitable will to live

8. How did Maha Swetha Devi help the writer in Byapari take birth?
A] Mahaswetha Devi invited Byapari to write for her magazine (Bartikal)

17. Worshipping Heroes ( Page No 259 -260 )

17] Here are two unique novels – Pharaoh and the King and The Victorian – that made two heroes fans of their writers. The heroes are Chiranjeevi and Hrithik Roshan. And their writer is Dasari Venkata Vishwanath. But the reason? Their writer is a visually challenged Telugu Medium student who started writing his first English novel when he was just 11 (2004). Nystagmus or Photophobia is the disease that disables him from focusing his sight on any object for more than a second.

Born into a farmer’ of Gokavaram in East Godavari district, the boy was inspired by JK Rowling. Helped by his English teacher Buchibapayya and younger sister Sija. Venkat worked hard for seven years to complete his first. novel in 2011. Which was launched by Chiranjeevi. After that, another five years of dedicated work, and the second masterpiece was out in 2016.

Venkat dedicated it to his favorite hero Hrithik Roshan. That made the hero Venkat’s fan and he invited Venkat to his birthday party as a special guest. Thus, he won the heart of two heroes, besides those of millions of readers the world over.

1. What is unique about the two novels, according to the passage?
A] The two heroes became fans of their writer

2. Who are the heroes who turned fans of that writer?
A] Chiranjeevi and Hrithik Roshan.

3. How does the disease, Nystagmus impact Venkata Vishwanath?
A] It is the disease that disables him from focusing his sight on any object for more than a second.

4. Name the three persons who helped directly or indirectly, Venkat Vishwanath in writing his first novel?
A] Jk Rowling, Buchibapayya and younger sister Sija,

5. How long did Venkata Vishwanath take to write those two novels?
A] 7 years and 5 years = 12 years

6. What made Hrithik Roshan a fan of Venkata Vishwanath?
A] Venkat dedicated it to his favorite hero Hrithik Roshan.

7. How did Hrithik Roshan express his love for Venkata Vishwanath?
A] He invited Venkat to his birthday party as a special guest.

8. Visual challenges or Telugu Medium background failed to stop Venkata Vishwanath from daring to dream and succeeding. Say true or false.
A] False 

18. Strange Lawyer ( Page No. 260 )

18] A lawyer named Strange died, and his friend asked the tombstone maker to inscribe on his tombstone, Here lies Strange, an honest man and a lawyer. The inscriber insisted that such an inscription would be confusing, for passers-by would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone. However, he suggested an alternative. He would inscribe, Here lies a man who was both an honest man and a lawyer. That way, whenever anyone walked by the tombstone and read it, they would be certain to remark, That’s strange!

1. What was initially planned to be inscribed on the tombstone of Strange, the lawyer?
A] Here lies Strange, an honest man and a lawyer.

2. How would that inscription confuse the passers-by, according to the inscriber?
A] Passers-by would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone.

3. Who suggested the alternative inscription?
A] inscriber 

4. Did the new inscription carry the name of the dead lawyer?
A] NO, It has not carried the name of the lawyer

5. How would the passers-by know the name of the dead man, without it being on the tombstone?
A] Without the name on the tombstone is itself strange 

6. What is strange (note the small s) according to the passage?
A] Instead of a proper noun, it has became a common noun. A Lawyer being an honest man is strange.

7. Write the Parts of Speech of the words inscribe, inscription, inscriber.
A] Inscribe-verb; Inscription-noun; Inscriber-noun 

8. Write the word used in the passage that means misleading.
A] Confusing

19. Albert Einstein: Humour. Humanity, Humility ( Page no 261 )

19] Albert Einstein, the Nobel Laureate, was a simple man to whom success, fame, and wealth meant nothing. On being appointed the Dean of a University and asked to give his requirements his demand was for a wastepaper basket. To the stunned person, his cool response was to commit mistakes, you know.” Humility underlined his simplicity. His simplicity extended to his love for children; he believed that the hope of the world lies in children. His excellent sense of humor helped him to brighten every situation.

Asked for a mathematical formula for success in life, he gave, “A=X+Y+Z”, where A success, X= work and Y= play”. “What is 27 was the question. “Keeping your mouth shut”, was Einstein’s response! Everybody talks about him but nobody understands him because he is more of a phenomenon and not just a man.

(i) What mattered little to Albert Einstein?
A] Success, Fame, and Wealth were nothing for him.

(ii)Why did Einstein ask for just a wastepaper basket as a Dean?
A] Because he would commit mistakes.

(iii)Which quality made his simplicity conspicuous?
A] Humility

(iv) What was his belief about children?
 A] His belief was that the hope of the world lies in children.

(v) How did Einstein’s sense of humor help him?
A] His excellent sense of humour helped him to brighten every situation.

(vi) What is Einstein’s formula for success in life?
A] A=X+Y+Z

(vii) Why don’t people understand Einstein?
A] He is more of a phenomenon than of a man.

(viii) Give the noun form of simple as found in the passage.
A] Simplicity.

20. Prime Minister Modi on YOGA ( Page no 261 )

20] Yoga Is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action: restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature, and a holistic approach to health and well-being. Yoga is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with ourselves, the world, and Nature.

Changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, can help us to deal with climate change. Let us work towards adopting The International Yoga Day.

i.Whose gift is Yoga, according to the passage?
A] Ancient Indian tradition.

(ii) Yoga brings about unity between___ and___and___ Fill in the blanks.
A] Mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment.

iii. What does Yoga help us to discover?
A] The sense of oneness with ourselves, the world, and nature.

iv. How can Yoga help us to deal with climate change?
A] By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness.

v. Is Yoga about physical exercise alone?
A] No, it is not physical exercise alone.

vi. Give the antonym of modern.
A] “ancient” is the antonym of the word “modern”.

vii.Give the verb (present) form of thought (n/
A] “think” is a present form of the word “Thought”.

viii. Find the word from the passage that means agreement.
A] harmony

21. Keep Going-COVID-19 Taught Lessons! ( Page No 262 )

21] Nagaland is an excellent example of how communities rise to the occasion. How? COVID-19-induced lockdown had convinced them about the importance of self-reliance. Wage-earning jobs were lost, and they resumed farming. And they say they have learned a lot. With smiles on their faces, they say it is a personal rediscovery, going back to nature, and cultivating their own food. Food is at the core of our community life, and they add with pride. And, they have been expanding their farming. Love thy neighbor is the community’s philosophy. As the lockdown pushed the same into poverty, people have supported those in need. Even Churches began serving meals to the underprivileged. Discovering in difficulties, opportunities to live and let live, that too, joyfully is what the Nagas do and show!

1. What did Naga communities understand after Covid induced lockdown?
A] The importance of self-reliance.

2. What did they resume and why?
A] They resumed farming, because they lost their wage earning jobs in Covid-19.

3. What have they felt about resuming farming?
A] A personal discovery cultivating their own food.

4. What is their community’s philosophy?
A] Love thy neighbour.

5. How have they practiced that philosophy?
A] The people have supported those in need. Even Churches began serving meals to the underprivileged.

6. What are the Nagas doing and showing all others?
A] Opportunities to live and let live in difficulties, is what the Nagas do and show.

7. Write the synonym, from the passage, of centre.
A] “Core” is the synonym of the the word “centre”.

8. According to the passage, COVID-19 helped more than it harmed them. Say true or false.
A] True

22. Virus Vs Fear ( Page No 262 – 263 )

22] There is No virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR. Understand this fear; otherwise, become a dead body before your body dies. It has nothing to do with the virus. The scary atmosphere you feel in these moments is collective madness. It has happened a thousand and will continue to happen. You usually keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely lost. You won’t even know when lost control of your fear. Then fear can make you do anything. In such a situation, you can take your own life or the lives of others.

Attention, be mindful. Don’t watch news that triggers. Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing is like self-hypnosis. Fear is a of self-hypnosis. This idea will cause chemical changes in the body. During an epidemic, the energy around the world becomes irrational. This way, you can fall into a black hole anytime. Meditation then becomes a protective aura into which no negative energy can penetrate.

1. What, according to the narrator, is more dangerous than the virus?
A] “Fear” is more dangerous than the virus.

2. What happens if one doesn’t understand this fear?
A] One will become a dead body before one’s body dies.

3. Does this happen every time?
A] Yes, it may

4. What is lost when collective madness prevails in us?
A] We completely lose our consciousness.

5. What is the warning given by the narrator?
A] Don’t watch news that triggers fear. Stop talking about the epidemic, fear is a kind of self-hypnosis.

6. Is it ADVISABLE to discuss the EPIDEMIC?
A] No, it is not advisable to discuss

7. What happens when one gets this idea (fear) ?
A] It will cause chemical changes in the body.

8. How can we remove our negative tendency?
A] Meditation becomes a protective aura

23. On Srinivasa Ramanujam ( Page no 263 )

23] Mathematics in India inevitably makes one think of one extraordinary figure of recent times. This is Srinivasa Ramanajam. Born into a poor Brahmin family in South India, having no opportunities for a proper education, he became a clerk in the Madras Port Trust. But he was bubbling with some irrepressible quality of instinctive genius and played about with numbers and equations in his spare time.

By a lucky chance, he attracted the attention of a mathematician who sent some of his amateur work to Cambridge in England. People there were impressed and a scholarship was arranged for him. So he left his clerk’s job and went to Cambridge and during a very brief period there did work of profound value and amazing originality.

The Royal Society of England went rather out of their way and made him a Fellow, but he died two years later, probably of tuberculosis, at the age of thirty-three. Professor Julian Huxely has, I believe, referred to him as the greatest mathematician of the century. [From The Discovery of India]

(i) What makes one think highly of Srinivasa Ramanujam?
A] Mathematics in India.

(ii) Why did Ramanujam become a clerk?
A] Born into a poor family, having no opportunities for proper education.

(iii) What was Ramanujam doing whenever he found some free time?
A] He was playing about with numbers and equations.

(iv) What helped Ramanujam to go to Cambridge?
A] He attracted the attention of a mathematician, who sent Ramanujam’s amateur work to Cambridge.

(v) What did people at Cambridge do for Ramanujam?
A] Arranged scholarship for Ramanujam.

(vi) Describe the work Ramanujam did at Cambridge.
A] At Cambridge he did work of profound value and amazing originality.

(vii) How did the Royal Society of England honor Ramanujam?
A] The Royal Society of England honored Ramanujan with a fellowship.

(viii) What is the compliment Professor Julian Huxley extended to Ramanujam?
A] The greatest mathematician of the century

24. Best Award to a TEACHER ( Page No 263 to 264 )

24] Nobel Laureate Sir Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman was among the first three recipients (the other two being chakravarthi rajagopala chary and Dr sarvepalli Radhakrishnan) of the title Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India in 1954. The then President, Rajendra Prasad, wrote personally to Raman inviting him to be the personal guest in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. When Raman came to Delhi for the award ceremony. Raman wrote a polite letter regretting his inability to attend the Investiture ceremony. He had a noble reason. He had to be by the side of his  Ph.D. student as the scholar was trying hard to finalize his Ph.D. thesis before the deadline. “Can there be a better Award to a teacher than being by the side of a needy student”? seems to be Raman’s message to us all!

i) Name the highest civilian honor in India.
A] “Bharat Ratna” is the highest civilian honour in India.

ii) When was that award conferred on Sir C.V.Raman?
A] 1954

iii) Who were the other two recipients of the award, along with Sir C.V. Raman?
A] Chakravarthi Rajagopala Chary, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan were the recipients.

(iv) What was Rajeandra Prasad’s offer to Raman?
A] Personal guest in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

(v) Why didn’t Raman attend the award ceremony?
A] Raman had to be by the side of his Ph.D student trying hard to finalize his Ph.D.

(vi) What appears to be Raman’s message, by not attending the ceremony?
A] There can’t be a better award to a teacher than being by the side of a needy student.

(vii) What is the word used in the passage to mean formal presentation?
A] investiture is the word used for the “Formal presentation”.

(viii) Find the synonym of the word appears in the passage.
A] seems is the synonym of the word “appears”.

25. On Tagore and Gandhi ( Page No 264 to 265 )

25] Tagore and Gandhi have undoubtedly been the two outstanding and dominating figures of India in the first half of the twentieth century. It is instructive to compare and contrasts them. No two persons could be so different from each other in their make-up or temperament. Tagore, the aristocratic artist, turned democrat with proletarian sympathies, represented essentially the cultural tradition of India, the Tradition of accepting life in the fullness thereof and going through it with song and dance. Gandhi, was more a man of the people, almost the embodiment of the Indian peasant, and represented the other ancient tradition of India, that of renunciation and asceticism. And yet Tagore was primarily the man of thoughts, Gandhi of concentrated and ceaseless activity. Both, in their different ways, had a world outlook, and both were the same time wholly Indian. They seemed to present different but harmonious aspects of India and complement each other. [ From Discover of India ]

i) How is it useful to compare and contrast Gandhiji and Tagore?
A] It is instructive

ii) What is the common to both Tagore and Gandhiji?
A] Both of them were two outstanding and dominating figures of India and both of them had a world outlook.

iii) Tagore was primarily a man of thought. As opposed to Tagore in this respect, how was Gandhiji?
A] Of concentrated and ceaseless activity.

iv) What did Tagore essentially represent?
A] The cultural tradition of India

v) Gandhiji represented ancient tradition. Which aspect of it did Gandji represent?
A] Renunciation and ascenticim

vi) Did the difference in their makeup or temperaments ( Of Gandhiji and Tagore lead to relations?
A] No, there was no friction between their relations

vii) “… … and to complement each other … …” CComplement means ___ Fill In The Blanks (a) congratulations (b) Appreciation (c) Complete (d) Appreciate
A] (c) Complete

viii) Write from the passage the antonym of the word “dictator”.
A] democrat

26. GHOTUL-A Model Tribal School ( Page No 265 )

26] The best known of these indigenous institutions is the Ghotul in Bastar, where older Muria Gond children educate youngsters through a work-play continuum and a sophisticated etiquette of passing on knowledge orally. Children learn countless skills while sharing myths, riddles, songs dances, and ethics based on values of sharing rather than competition. Similar Institutions such as Dhumkuria and Dangribasa exist in Jharkhand and Odisha.

i) Where is Ghotul, the tribal school?
A] In Bastar

ii) Who are the teachers in that school?
A] Older Muria Gond children.

iii) What is the main mode of teaching there?
A] A work play continuum, passing of knowledge orally

iv) What sophisticated procedure is followed there?
A] Passing on knowledge orally.

v) Are there any other institutions of this type? If so, where are they?
A] Yes, in Jharkhand and Odisha.

vi) What are the names of the institutions of this type?
A] Dhumkuria and Dangribasa

vii) What does the passage discuss?
A] Indigenous institutions.

viii) Write the word used in the passage that means a set of customs, or practices followed to be polite.
A] Etiquette.

27. The Secret Under Ground ( Page no 265 to 266 )

27] Nature is the best teacher. Redwood trees share a secret. They are the largest trees on the Planet. Some of them are even thousands of years old. But, interestingly, their roots do not Grow deep. Yet, they endure massive wind storms, devastating earthquakes, etc for centuries. How is it possible? The secret of redwood trees lies under the ground. Their roots reach outward seeking the roots of other redwood trees. When they meet, they intertwine, making a permanent bond with one another. This way, all the redwood trees support one another. Unity is strength. Thus, They give humanity a crucial lesson: when you receive, you make a living: but when you give, you make a life!

i) Regarding size, what is unique about redwood trees?
A] They are the largest trees on the planet.

ii) How long do redwood trees live?
A] Thousands of years they live.

iii) What is the interesting feature of redwood trees?
A] Their roots do not grow deep.

iv) What is the secret of redwood trees lying under the ground?
A] Their roots reach outward seeking the roots of other redwood trees

v) How do all redwood trees support one another?
A] When their roots meet other redwood tree roots, they intertwine, making a permanent bond with one another.

vi) What is the crucial lesson redwood trees teach humanity?
A] Unity is strength.

vii) Write the antonym, from the passage, of shallow.
A] deep

viii) Give the synonym, from the passage, of destructive.
A] devastating

28. Everything Relative ( Page No 266 )

28] Can zero and infinity be the same? This question may seem misleadingly simple. Your instant answer could be ‘No’. But ‘Yes’ is the right answer.That doesn’t mean ‘No’ is wrong . How? Compare the diameter of the earth with the distance between the sun and the earth. Earth’s diameter appears to be almost zero. Now, compare the same with that of a grain. It seems to be infinite. This proves that everything is relative and nothing is abstract. Now, consider, “What is riches”? If your income is more than your want, you are RICH! More wants, less income? Then is poverty. Want to be rich? Can’t earn more? Cut down wants, become rich. How logic can comfort one sounds lovely!

i) What is the question that seems misleadingly simple?
A] Can zero and infinity be the same?

ii) What would be your instant answer to that question?
A] No

iii) What proves your answer – be a yes or no- to be right or wrong?
A] Compare the diameter of the earth with the distance between the sun and the earth B diameter appears to be almost zero.

iv) What is the definition of riches, according to the passage?
A] If one’s income is more than one’s wants.

v)How can one grow rich even without being able to earn more?
A] Cut down wants.

 vi) How does logic, even only at times, help one?
A] If you want to become rich, don’t earn more, just cut down wants.

vii) Name the planet(s) mentioned in the passage.
A] The earth

viii) The whole passage proves one single point. What is that?
A] Zero and infinite is the same/every thing is relative and nothing is abstract

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